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Fat Girl!

I have just recently got my first Betta girl. She wasn't eating at all the first two days but has finally been getting better. I only feed her two or three pellets twice a day and in the last two days she has gotten huge! I don't see how she can get any bigger without exploding! Should I be worried?
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it could be she's just prone to bloating. i have a ct that goes fat after 1 pellet.
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I fast my crowntail girl twice a week because she gets a big belly. A lot of it is that she's always really eggy.
Why don't you fast your girl for a day or two.
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I think you can soak the pellets in water before giving them the food, it helps it from getting bigger in their stomach?
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Can you post a pic....are her scales sticking up, is it her stomach or her whole body that is getting bigger....any other symptoms like-buoyancy issues, lethargic, hiding, clamp fins, not eating or pooping...etc......

What size tank, water temp, filter, live plants, additives used, how much and how often are the water changes, any tank mates, how long have you had her, is she in view or in the same water as a male Betta, what kind of food....

You don't want to soak the food- it can leach out the nutrients and vitamin/minerals. Pellets don't swell up inside the stomach like some may think-fish have lots of enzymes and gastric acid in the gut that break the food down for digestion-

If the food is high in grains/gran byproducts they can create gases that can cause the fish abdomen to appear enlarged and why you want to feed fish food with the first 1-2 ingredients to be fish, seafood base.....
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