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breeding help

Two different senerios. Same female two different guys...

When she is put with one male, she loves this guy to death. The swim together, waving their bodies she is basically right in his face and will not leave him alone for a min. Two weeks ago this very same thing happended. He did not even try to build a nest at all, he older so i was thinking he might be to old now to breed. This second go around with this same male I cheated a bit. Tank was already, but I took some bubble nest from the other younger male and placed it in the tank in hopes to encourage him, he just seems he is trying to get away from her all the time and no interest in breeding. I had them beside each other for the past week, prior to this and he did build a very small nest in his own tank and would do his flashing thing at her too but nothing now they are together other than her really harassing him to breed.

Your thoughts???

Second male, much younger, there again I took some of his nest he made from his own tank and put them in the breeding tank in hopes to speed things up. He flashes at her does not bite her but she is not nearly as google eyed over this guy as she is the first one. She is at the moment with this young male.

I feel bad as she loves the first guy but it seems there is no interest on his part unless its just me.

Your thoughts on this one??
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What you can try.....get your spawning tank ready-no filter and add tannins with lots of live plants if you have them-
Condition the older male(if he is the one you want to spawn) and the female with massive amounts of mosquito larva for 2 days in separate containers-located so that they can't see each other-no water changes on the small temp container they are in

In 2 days-add both to the spawning tank and add the second male cupped to float in the tank for 5min daily-keep feeding massive amount of mosquito larva if they don't spawn within 24h-and turn the lights off at night....

Good luck....
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