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Pet Store Lookouts

So I've read all about fishtanks and how to care for fish and Betta's and watched so many videos and have lots of money to care for any fish. So tonight im getting my first Betta which is going to be my first fish! YAY! However when I go to the store what should I look for? I want to get a healthy fish that wont have any issues. I've heard people talk about how sometimes you feel connected to the Betta and you buy it because of that. Thanks!
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Just look at the fins and see how active the bettas are. if you see sings of fin rot or other sickness (witch you have read im shur if you have bin reading on this site.) then dont get them, but i warn you somtimes you well see a little guy who is sick and make that connection and you come home with the sick little bugger and a bag full of meds (happens to me all the time)
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Sena Hansler
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agreed hahaha

Anyways, look at behavior, activeness, and signs of disease. Fuzz, pieces of fin in the cup floating around, open sores, holes, missing fins, bloat, pineconing, white specks on the betta (ich) etc... If you want a healthy betta avoid those! I've gotten many fish who had a couple of those mentioned... yuck! But I love 'em I chose my ol' Spartan because he was soooo active, and I wanted a healthy boy then and I got one.
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It might be best to not choose a visibly sick fish for your first betta experience - my first one was (though I didn't know at the time..he was skinny as heck and had fin issues..) and he passed away far too soon. I felt awful, he got sick -all- the time, and I miss him terribly.

A healthy betta is highly active and 'plump' (full-fleshed, not round-bellied, I mean) and has no fin damage including black edges on the fins... It might be worthwhile checking around for reputable breeders in your area? Lots of pet stores don't give a damn whether a fish is healthy or not. Maybe you have a good store near you though.

In any case, good luck, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your new pet, they're pretty awesome. :)

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I picked Kyon because he was active, his fins were all intact with no damage , rot or curling. He investigated me when I came to the glass and flared at the betta in the next tank. Also, his colour was vibrant and I loved his tail and the little white dips on his front thin fins (I never remember what they are called.) he was the one for me. But if in the store you go to they don't have the right fish you can walk away, go somewhere else or wait until they next get stock in.
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Thanks everyone for the help! :D The pet store was sold out of them :( and the shipment of new ones was supposed to come in yesterday but didnt, so the staff thought there coming today now. Im heading to PetCo this afternoon so I hope they have some... I will make sure to post some pictures! :)
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first time, fish, help me, pet store

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