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I'm losing another girl please help me

All the details would be long but I need help, Fishy is going to die just like Wishy, Pandora and Antigone did. They all become lethargic, stop eating, bloated, respiratory distress, then die, predictably in about 2-3 days no matter what I do, treat, or how early I see it.

All I can do is watch my baby die like a train wreck in slow motion, and ultimately I end up keeping them at my bedside on their final night so they don't die alone. This will be Fishy's last night:( I'm heartbroken. She and Wishy were my original girls and she has always been my favorite. Right now she is in some epsom salt to ease her bloating but I think she has organ failure, not constipation, so it likely won't help.

Please help me figure this out, as I'm worried about my other fish too.

Here's the set-up:
My girls were in the same batch, lived as a sorority of 6 for a bit in a 10gal filtered heated tank... I have 10 tanks and always keep them clean, water params are always normal. Wishy was the first to get sick and die. So tank breakdown, disinfect, isolation... 2 wks later girls back together. Pandora went next, same way. Same tank breakdown. But now I decide to separate them, since sorority care isn't going so great for me. I keep Fishy and Cleo in the same (disinfected) tank, divided. I put Sumatra in a different divided 10gal with a male. Antigone doesn't act quite right so I isolate her in a hospital tank. She dies the same way as the others the next day. So now I'm really watching my other 3 girls since they have all been exposed. Keep in mind I'm treating with different things as I can, including AQ salt, antibiotics, antiparasitics, etc.

That was all about 2 months ago, Sumatra (and Pistaccio, male neighbor), Cleo and Fishy (same divided tank) are doing just fine. I thought I was home free. About 36 hours ago, Fishy developed the initial symptoms.

I'm still trying everything but based on experience I'm pretty sure she will die. Cleo and Sumatra are still fine. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do with them? They have all likely been exposed to whatever is still killling my girls and I don't want to watch another die.

Keep in mind I have 12 male bettas too and I have not had similar problems with them (knock on wood). So it can't be my tapwater, or conditioner or anything.

Are girls more susceptible to disease than males?

Please help me if you can, especially if you have a lot of experience with bettas.
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Location: Atlanta
Upsetting. I take it no one on this site can help me. Does anyone on here know of another betta fish site that can help? I'm desperate and heartbroken.
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What have you been feeding them? (Pellets or flakes, and what brand, and how many how often..?) The type of food and how much is important. Is it possible that some of your girls are eating most of the food? I've never had a sorority, but I would think it would be hard to make sure each fish is getting an equal share of food.

What kind of water conditioner do you use?

How are you doing all those disinfections? Is it needed? >> I mean are you sure they had a disease/parasite/something contagious? If they were bloated there is no reason to disinfect. It is probably causing your nitrogen cycle to crash. I know you say that water parameters were normal, but I just wonder is all.
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Old 04-07-2012, 05:33 PM   #4 
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They get hikari pellets, about 6 a day each, divided feeds. I vary it with treats (blood worms, brine shrimp) but that's on occasion.

They are in divided aquariums now so I monitor exactly how much for each fish. I don't do any community aquariums.

water conditioner is aqueon, or API. I use it for all my 10 tanks.
i do not use bleach to disinfect. I use hot water and scrub. I let stuff dry in the sun.

Currently Cleo has her nose against the divider, searching for her tankmank. My heart is broken for both of them.
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Just a tip,; 6 pellets a day each is quite alot. I would only do about 2 pellets a day each, fast once a week. Maybe feed them 2 pellets in the morning each, and on the day before you fast them, feed them blood worms. Betta's can live long periods of time without food - up to 3 weeks.
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