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is it ok?

i bought a young betta, he's my first fish. i dont know what he eats so i just bought the fishfood the saleslady gave. two days passed but he still wont eat. so i did a research on google and it says bettas are carnivore. what i did is i gave him frozen fish tidbits and he seems to like it. he wont stop eating i had to restrain myself. he's so irresistable. my question is is it safe? i mean, saltwater fish is not their natural food, will that affect his body?
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Bettas are insectivores. Their natural diet is insects..
Do you mean people food? I wouldn't do that, fish food has better complete nutrition for a fish.
What brand are you feeding him?
Many betta don't eat at first in a strange new place, it's normal for them to go a week without food.
You should look into a pellet food, such as Hikari, Omega One, or New Life Spectrum, designed for betta specifically. Once a week, you can feed frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms. Avoid freeze dried foods.
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Ok, I'm guessing you know Bettas are freshwater. Is he a new Betta? If he is than it is normal for then not to eat for a few days. Don't worry, because a Betta can go a week without food. I recomend pellets for food, they are found at Walmart and at almost all pet stores. You can also get him some bloodworms. Most bettas love bloodworms. I hope this helps.
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I would recommend you get one of the betta brands that Olympia mentioned. Betta generally like pellets best.
I know they're cute and act hungry, but please resist the urge to overfeed! Bettas will eat until they pop, the silly things. I'd say no more than 4 pellets a day. I feed 2 pellets twice a day, if that helps.
If you feed bloodworms or freeze dried shrimp, that's their meal for the day.
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ok thanks for the input :)
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