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popeye and fin rot

My betta, Sr. George is almost 2 1/2 years old and has recently started getting really bad fin rot and got pop eye on saturday:( As soon as I saw the swollen eye I changed the water and cleaned everything really good in his tank. I have him in a 1 gallon tank with a heater that is supposed to keep the water around 75F and a light. The tank came with a filter but he didn't like it so I took it out. I change his water every monday and use a dissolving tablet water conditioner. I went to the pet store but there are so many antibiotics I wasn't sure what to get and the workers there didn't really know what to do either! Please help I'm freaking out!
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can someone please help? :(
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Sorry your Betta isn't well....we need some more information and a pic.......

In the 1gal unfiltered tank-what is the temp-do you have a thermometer, any live plants or any other livestock, how is his appetite, all additives used, how much are the weekly water changes and if 100% how are you re-acclimating him back to the new chemistry/temp, has he ever been sick and/or treated in the past 3 weeks, any other signs/symptoms besides the popeye and fin rot-is it both eyes or just one, are the fin edges discolored, tattered and crusty.

Since he is over 2 years old-he may be aging out-then along with possible long term water quality issues that can compromise the immune response-sadly, not a lot you can do, however, don't give up either, these guys can surprise us.......

Often the best treatment is clean dechlorinated water from water changes and if you have already started an antibiotic you should complete a full course per the package directions and if no improvement-I would start him on Epsom salt (Not aquarium salt) tannins and water changes using premixed treatment water.
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The thermometer is supposed to keep it at 75f. No live plants just two silk ones. I do 100% water changes every Monday. I put him in a small container while I clean the tank and wait a few hours to put him back in. He is eating normal and swimming around like normal he's a trooper! He hasn't been sick before and the pop eye is only in his right eye. His dorsal fin is pretty much all gone and the edges of the others look stuck together histail edges are white but his bottom seems to have a darker coloring around the edge i started tetracycline and an antifungal with formalin and machalite green. The eye seems less swollen now than it did on Sunday. Im doing full water changes every other day and I bought all new decor for his tank. Thank you for your help!
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