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Old 04-12-2012, 11:47 PM   #1 
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In honor of Soldier; 4/12 Photoshoot

You guys know about my long history with Soldier, who was my first rescue. Well tonight I came home and found his temp tank was empty- I was in the process of letting his tank's dividers dry- and I found him on the floor, about two feet away from where he apparently jumped out.

What seems like ages ago, I relented to buying my first rescue.

He was sad, skinny, and unable to eat. I thought he would be gone in a night. But then, after a lot of water changes, and garlic-soaked pellets, he began to perk up.

And then in no time he flourished into a beautiful red betta.

He became a striking little fish that demanded my attention.

and every once in a while he lived it up on the edge.

I'm truly heartbroken that my time with Soldier is up, as I was hoping for several more years with the little guy. He was an inspiration and a fighter, and I hope I gave him a really good home for his stay here with me. I'm glad I came across him in my LFS almost a year ago and decided to bring him home.

I love you Soldier. <3

In honor of my sweetheart, who loved being taking pictures of, I sat down and took pictures of all my current fish. There are a few that I couldn't get pictures of, including Caspian, Steely, Phoenix, Florence, Marie, Piranha, and Harvey, who were all either in temp tanks or in a middle tank (on the table). Luckily if I can get my shelving soon I can manage to take better pictures.

Here's Hippie, trying to play with the new sinking tropical food that I bought (and shall promptly return)

Flamenco is completely fascinated with it, even if I'm not.

Caesar being ridiculously photogenic.

Viking with all of his nibbled fins.

This is Cupid! He's a sweetheart.

Gabriel, who also chopped off his fins.

This is Vanilla, and he wasn't too happy with the camera.

This is the best shot I could get of Cobra, but he's normally black with a really gorgeous green shimmer.

This is Tiny, and he was a 1-gallon cube rescue.

Jezebel being eggy.

Roxanne. Their tank had a bit of fin rot lately- you can still see it- but we're taking care of it now.

Charlotte, the little queen.

This is Violet, a little baby girl. She's purple, but stressed out because of the lights.

Here Blueberry (formerly Indie) decided to hop the divider and have a row with Caesar.. clearly he didn't come out on top.

Here's Jericho, who's absolutely outraged at his reflection.

This is Canary, who doesn't quite take to his either.

Pierce, who would ~not~ stop flaring.

Tristan, after he decided to go and ruin his coloring by having a red anal fin and only stripes of it in his other fins.

Shasta was being a bit shy.

Little Red, another gallon cube rescue, who I don't think knew what to do when it came to flaring. He kinda just froze like this for a few minutes. AND GOD I NEED TO CLEAN THAT TANK

Peach being a doll.

My camera for whatever reason WOULD NOT focus very well on Josie and Demi, so these were the best pictures I could snag.

Here's Ichabod who was being shy too.

This is Perseus, who is also outrageously photogenic and beautiful.
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Im so sorry about Soldier! He was beautiful and you did wonders on him!

You have so many fish! and they are all lovely
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Old 04-13-2012, 12:01 AM   #3 
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I think you have too many fish jk. I could never do that many water changes XD.

Good that you take in bettas that could use love and a home! I wish I had a huge betta barracks system to home a bunch of bettas with minimal water changes and energy.
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I'm sorry to hear about your beautiful Soldier. It looks like you did amazing things for him!! The rest of your fish are just gorgeous.
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Old 04-13-2012, 06:47 AM   #5 
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Location: In a pineapple
thank you guys <3 we buried him this morning next to flair out in the backyard.

it is a lot of water changes, and it's definitely time-consuming. when i finish the girls' tank and the last boys' tank, i'll have 11 tanks. but at this point in my life i have the time to dedicate to them. it's rewarding in the end. C:
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