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LOL, I found out about snails the hard way. Even though I've always rinsed and rinsed new plants, I always seem to miss a few snails, and then there we go! In a couple of months they start appearing all over the place. I crush an average of 3 a day against the tank glass, and my male betta eats them off my finger!

Well, the female molly will have to be happy with only one companion, as three would be overloading my tank. I sure hope the new one isn't a bully, as I'm getting tired of taking bullies back! "Crosses fingers." And yes, I was planning on getting a female anyway. I read too much about males being mean.

I got the anubia petite, the small sword and the Val Spiralis from Planted Aquariums Central. WOW! Now I know where I'll buy any other plants I need in the future. The plants were so obviously bursting with health, and of a good size. I was thrilled. I ordered one small sword, and they sent me two-- and one is getting ready to bloom. They are both 4-5" tall. Plus I ordered one Val spiralis and I got two bunches, with a total of about 20 fronds! And they are 12" tall. The little Anubia was so green, I was shocked. Not one brown leaf on it, just pristine looking, and it looked as if it had never seen a dark box for 3 days! In fact, they all are completely green. I hope I can keep them that way.
I do, fortunately, know how to sex mollies. I researched it online before going to the pet store. So I'll be sure to get another female. Those twin fins on the bottom are pretty easy to spot, that is, if the molly isn't swimming around and keeping them tucked up tight. Then, I noticed, its not as easy as I read it would be, because it can look like the oviposter tucked up tight to the belly.

This morning I noticed my original betta girl was chasing the molly, so another good reason to get another Molly as the Molly seems a bit stressed when this happens. But I've been watching all day (they are on my computer desk) and the betta apparently got tired of chasing the molly, as she hasn't done it at all for the last several hours. Things are going so well that it makes me concerned about getting another molly, but if she will feel safer with another one, I feel its the best thing to do for her. Wish me luck in getting another peaceful one tomorrow.
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You seem to have things handled pretty well.
If your plants start "dissolving" just trim back all the leaves, a lot of plants melt down when they are moved from different areas due to different parameters. Dont throw em out! :)
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The mollies may live longer in a separate and brackish tank, if time and money permit that would be a good idea.
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