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NinjaBetta 18
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My Boy Won't Eat!

My boy, whom is still suffering from fin rot, cannot eat!

His appitite isn't gone, he jumps at his betta bites, but
he cannot eat them. I have crushed them to make them
smaler for his mouth, but he still cannot swallow them.
(He has a feeding block, but it isn't desolving into the water...)

Now he seems to be getting thinner, the last time he ate
was about a week a go.

I don't want him to waste away, please help!
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Sena Hansler
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the eating block do not work they foul the water. Take it out please This will aid the fin rot too!

As for fin rot, I suggest getting AQUARIUM SALT. Some fish when sick, although they will be interested in their food (as yours is) he wil spit them out! Aquarium salt: DISSOLVE BEFORE ADDING. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt (NOT table salt) in water, and add to the tank gradually. you can up the dose to 3 teaspoons, gradually adding over hours to make sure he can adjust to the amount of salt. 3 teaspoons PER GALLON. I suggest a gallon hospital tank anyways because it makes it easier to dose. with 1 gallon, clean EVERY DAY until either the fin rot goes away, or his condition gets better, or 10 days later which you MUST stop the salt treatment and put him back on clean water with tap water conditioner.

Bettas can live for WEEKS without food, although it is not recommended because then you'll need to feed him nutritious meals (cooked shrimp, live food, frozen food and pellets)...
What size is your tank? How old is he? How new is he to you? What does his poo look like as well? is he pooping?
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