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T5 HO Lights?

My tank currently has less than 1 watt per gallon and have an unknown amount of kelvins. Because of this, my tank plants are probably reaching a slow death. I let sunlight in, but I don't think this is enough. I've been considering buying T5 HO fluorescent lights to replace my cheap Marineland LED lights which aren't suitable for plants.

These lights would be 48 watts for about $45 or 96 watts and lunar LEDs for about $80. Both would be plant lights (6,500K) and both are from the same company (Odyssea). My tank is a 20 gallon tall tank. What do you think? Is this worth it?

BTW, how often should I dose my flourish excel? I dose it every 3 days with 1/2 dosage each time because of my vallisneria.
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I suggest the 48W lights AT MOST. More than that and you'll need to go high-tech with CO2, etc.

Would more experienced aquarists weight in please? 48W over 20G = 2.4WPG (I know it's a very rough rule). But this is HO lighting -- may be brighter? maybe too much for a low-tech tank?

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I would suggest asking Byron. He's our plant and light expert.
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