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Yeah, I saw him, hes very handsome. How is he doing?
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Well, he's still not eating....but I'll give that a couple more days and he's been doing a lot of lounging on the bottom of the tank. If he doesn't perk up in the next few days, i"ll probably be posting again asking for new suggestions!
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Exclamation CT Betta not improving after several days

As you can see from below...I posted original concerns on the 13th of April. Its now the 18th and I'm not seeing enough change in Sushi's behavior, for me to be comfortable. He is still not showing signs of eating. If I drop a pellet in his tank, he swims right past it, showing absolutely zero interest in it. He does a little bit of patrolling around the tank, rooting his nose occasionally in the glass marbles at the bottom. But for the most part, he just finds a place either at the bottom of the tank, in/behind some leaves, and just lays there. On Saturday I changed out 50% of his water. I would've hoped he would snap out of this by now and it doesn't really seem like he is. Any suggestions on what to do now?

He's in a 3.5 gallon cylinder tank, with airstone aeration and a heater.

Thanks for the help!

Originally Posted by Cyndih70 View Post
So, day before yesterday I picked out a beautiful Crimson and Purple, crowntail Male and decided to name him Sushi. I have him in a 3.5 gallon, cylinder tank with filter and heater. Picked him up a floating log and some silk leaves for him to lay on. He's seems to be extremely happy. He swims all over the place, comes to the top of the tank when I open it, but I have a couple of concerns.

First and foremost...Sushi hasn't been eating. I have given him pellets and I have given him freeze dried blood worms. He doesn't seem to be showing signs of eating, but then again, he might be sneaking some nibbles in when I'm not looking.

Secondly...I bought light blue, dark blue and red, flat glass marbles for the bottom of the tank and he seems to really like to hang around them. He doesn't flare up, but it looks like he's staring at something, from time to time and his fins all pop up. I could be just imagining things and being overly concerned about nothing, but I want him to be a happy fish and want to make sure I'm doing everything right to provide the best life for him.

Like I said, he's very active and he's very curious. So, there are no signs of lethargy. Just wanting some opinions from other Betta owners.

Thanks in advance!
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