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New betta won't eat, finicky eater?


Just got my first betta 10 days ago. He's in a 2 gallon bowl without a filter, the temp is 76 and I change 100% of the water (and rinse gravel, rocks and plant) twice a week.

When I first got him, I bought pellets for him which he refused to eat for the first 2 days, he took one in his mouth and spit it right out. So I got him another kind and he did the same. I even tried the flakes from my other aquarium and he didn't eat them either. Thinking he was maybe sick, I got him bloodworms and he gobbled them up right away (gave him 5-6 at a time is that ok?). Fed them those until I read that they were more of a treat. Went back to the pet shop and got a 3rd kind of pellets. The guy told me to stick with the pellets, that my fish would eventually eat them when he got hungry enough.

Well it's been 3 days and he still hasn't eaten. He actually seems insulted and flares at them, then comes to the front and flares at me! I swear if the little guy could curse at me he would for feeding him those awful things

I read on here that they like their pellets dipped in garlic water. Can I put garlic powder in water and dip the pellets in it?

Weird, as I'm writing this, he started nipping at the old pellets from this afternoon that have sank to the bottom so I just gave him a new fresh one and he flared at it...again and went back to the bottom to try to eat the old pellets!

What do I do? i don't want him to starve himself!

Besides the fact that he's not eating, he seems fine, swims around, looks healthy and happy.

Wow, that's a long post for a fish, sorry about that
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If he is a new fish they have a tendency to not eat for the first few days. Bloodworms are good as treats, but not as an actual food. He will eventually eat, he's just being stubborn. Keep trying the pellets, eventually he will become a piggy. :) Make sure to take food out of the tank if he doesn't eat it, as it will foul the water.
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Thank you, I'm just worried, he hasn't eaten since Saturday except for the pellets that fell to the bottom. I normally take them out but I had to leave after I gave them to him.
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