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Unhappy New Betta owner with a cloudy tank!

So I got my little guy yesterday. He's a red crowntail with a silver body and this one little fin on his side that has a white stripe pattern.
He's gorgeous and I love him to pieces but I think I may have dropped him in straight at the deep end (ahem)
His tank is new and hasn't gone through the cycles yet. It's filtering at a low level and I know that cloudiness is normal when the cycling is happening.
I'm feeding him once a day, and at the moment thinking of doing a 15% water change every day, just to keep him happy while the tanks still cycling.
Is this the right thing to do? He was lively yesterday, flared up at his own reflection and generally displayed himself a lot more then he's done today. Right now he tends to go down to the bottom corner where the water isn't moving as much or nestling down in his flower decoration where I think he can rest comfortably.
I don't want to lose the little guy, but I think my newbness isn't helping. Any help much appreciated!
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I know that OFL suggests two 50% changes per week in a cycling tank, one with gravel siphoning. Test the water every day too and if ammonia goes above 0.25ppm, time for an extra change. :)
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How large is your tank? If it is less than 5 gallons I don't recommend trying to cycle it as there is just not enough surface area to hold a stable cycle. If it is smaller than 5 gallons you would be looking at two water changes weekly, one 100% and one 50%.
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Another possibility to as why your tank is experiencing this issue could be due to the aquarium nitrogen cycle. There are multiple stages of this cycle. One of which being called the bacterial bloom, which happens first. This most likely will cause cloudy water and will eliminate itself within 3-5 days with no special treatment, but water changes can be done to help with the cloudiness. This is most likely your problem. But wen having an established aquarium Nitrogen cycle, there is no need to clean the media out of the filter as beneficial bacteria, which is what breaks down harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrites into less harmful substances like nitrates.......Nitrifying Bacteria Is very sensitive to chlorine and chloramines. The level added into regular tap water is a potentially dangerous level and will kill the beneficial bacteria.

Also, what size is your tank. While the cycling process is can potentially happen in a smaller tank under 5 gallons, they can be greatly effected by the constant water changes, and the stability if water parameters. If you have a tank under 5 gallons, the possibility if cycling is very slim and I would do weekly water changes of 1 50% and one 25% water change....... The amount of water changes needed in an uncycled and that has the potential to cycle will differ by size. so it would be helpful to know your exact tank size
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