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Betta didn't recognize me!

So, here is a funny/cute story that I wanted to share about my betta fish (His name is Jacque, by the way :D).

I love playing with makeup and wigs, and toady was one of those days where I had fake eyelashes and everything just for the fun of it. Apparently, it was more extreme than usual, and I looked unrecognizable to Jacque because when I checked on him by putting my face up to his tank, he flared his gills at me.

I thought he was bloated for half a second, and I was worried, but then I saw that he was just mad at me. I felt so bad, haha. So, I took it all off, changed some of his water, and fed him his last meal for the day to make up for it all. He likes me again :D.

Do you guys have any stories about your betta fish that you would like so share?
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Old 04-22-2012, 12:35 AM   #2 
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Hahaha. That's a pretty good one.

Hmmm...the story I remember most is when BD was flaring at his reflection and backed up, and the ph meter got stuck in between his gills and his body. It looked really painful, but he managed to get free. Which is lucky, because I didn't know what to do to avoid making it worse...

And then he continued picking a fight with his reflection.
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Old 04-22-2012, 12:44 AM   #3 
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haha those were adoralbe!
my boy dmio is quite the jumper i have come to learn over the years...
like for the first day i brught him home i was putting him in his bowl and i leave the room for 5 seconds and look down in his cup and he wasnt their!! so i look down on the ground and my brother had a plastic bag on the ground. anyways i look down and as im doing so i hear this kringaling sound there he is just flopping around on the paper so i quickly pick him up and put him in his bowl. he looked back as if to say "what".

then today i was pouring him back into his bowl after a good cleaning and as im pouring him back in (thank god i did it over the bathtub) he jumps out of the cup and flops on the bathtub! so im trying to grab him and he is flapping around. once i got him in i carry him to my room and he has this dreaded stare at me. so i fedhim and now he is all perky again.
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Oh my!

My Eva is a cutie. I like sitting and watching her in the sorority. Well, she does this thing where she just suddenly zips to the surface fast enough she can't stop or turn. Then she skips aling the surface grabbing 2 or more breaths. Doing this, she has bumped into her much larger sister, Lolth. Poor Lolth will then hurry away to their barrel decoration and hide in it for at least an hour! I always feel bad for the poor dear.

Now I have this new boy... I bought him last night. Went to feed him dinner... He darts about in a panic! I was like "O_O". So I stepped away for a moment and then came back. I very slowly dropped the pellets in for him and then very slowly closed the feeding flap in the tank hood. Thankfully he was fine that time.
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