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Bartleby...the bloated.

So I wake up this morning getting ready for work and first notice that Bartleby the Betta is not as active as he normally is. I quickly began observing that his stomach area was very distended.

The one thing that I did different yesterday was place an algae tab in the tank the night before for my snails. I know, they didn't need them, but I had no reason to believe that it would cause anything like this. Nor am I sure that it is related. I did, however, vacuum the remnants of food out of the tank and replaced with some cycled hospital water that I keep in a 2 gallon jug.

So, I think when I get home this afternoon, I'll add some aquarium salt to the tank. Are there any reasons that I should not do this? I have read that this condition could be from over-feeding. I only feed two pellets twice a day and until this morning seemed to be working perfectly. The tank is a 10 gallon, with heater and HOB filtration with a baffle to decrease output flow. Any advice would be appreciated, thank in advance.
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Don't add the could make it worse and possible kill the snails and any live plants if you have any.....

It sounds like it is an overeating issue-Betta are bad about overeating and especially algae wafers......I would fast him for a day or so-good that you went ahead and made a water change and removed the uneaten food.

If he isn't better after the 24h fast or he has signs and symptoms of true Bloat-buoyancy issues, lethargic, hiding, clamp fins, rapid breathing, stops eating/pooping along with the enlarged abdomen-then he may need an Epsom salt (Not aquarium salt) treatment in a small QT container.....
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Location: I live in Manhattan, KS.
Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead and did about a 15% water change and vacuumed some more this afternoon. Bartleby is looking a bit better. I do admit that this morning kind of freaked me out. No more algae tabs overnight in the Betta tank (too bad for the snails). I honestly think the snails have plenty to eat. As mentioned elsewhere, it is a 10 gallon tank with a Betta, 2x nerite snails and a moss ball. This is a relatively low bio load I think. I also wanted to mention how impressed I am at the contemporary three stage filter systems. I haven't had a tank in over 20 years, but I don't remember them being as easy to care for back then. Not to drift too far off topic though, thanks again for the feedback.
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