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Upgrading to 10 gallon

I'm thinking of moving my betta from his 5 gallon to a 10 gallon tank with different substrate but mostly the same plants and decorations. I'd like to know if this will cause him too much stress? He's normally quite curious and active and doesn't get upset easily. But he seems happy in his current tank and works on his bubble nest every day.

The reason for the move is that the tank he's in now needs an overhaul since I had no idea what I was doing when I started so I used the wrong substrate for a planted tank and the plants are all suffering and it's really hard to clean. Since I'm already doing the work I thought I might as well upgrade now and use my 5 gallon for something else.

Also would a 10 gallon leave enough room for a tankmate like a snail or other invert? I don't want to stock it to the max. And how can I tell if he'll tolerate a tankmate without actually introducing it?

Not sure if I'm doing the right thing so any thoughts/suggestions are welcome!
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Bubble nests doesn't always mean happy, just a heads up. Also, the bigger the better! You'll be giving him a new home, and he'll spend some time explorin', he might be uncomfortable for a day or two, but he'll adjust fine.

A 10 gallon opens the door to some fish friends, I would recommend 6 or more Pygmy Cories, they're cute little critters very compatible fish for Bettas, just make sure the substrate you're going to use is sand.

If you're not going to use sand as a substrate, may I suggest Ember Tetras? Small little tetras, cute little buggers, around 6 or more of them would be nice.

If you want a snail I suggest Nerite snails, they can't reproduce in freshwater, they need brackish water. They're also way better algae eaters than Apple/Mystery snails. If you're looking for shrimps they're usually a hit or miss, most Bettas find them as a lovely snack.

If you want shrimp I suggest getting sometype of moss for them to hide in, or some little caves so they can run to safety. Generally moss works, but as I said, hit or miss with shrimps.

Also, tankmates depend on your Bettas temperament. If he's a mean one, he'll have to live alone. ):
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I think snails are probably the best bet as far as a peaceful tank goes. Simply because they have a shell to hide in if the betta is nippy. My old snail would just simply roam around more at night when my betta was in his napping spot. He had his set schedule and they lived peacefully, even though my betta was awfully curious about how to get in the shell.
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My betta ate my snails antenna. x.x
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