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Sena Hansler
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Originally Posted by KadenJames View Post
Well, in my experience there are many different kinds of blacks- lace, melano, orchid, superblack, copper black. It all depends on how you breed them.

Orchid is, IMHO, not really a black "black," but a bi-color. It's a black betta with heavy, HEAVY blue iridescence often in a butterfly patten on the fins. It's usually the result of a marble cross. (MrV, I think this is what you're describing.) Seen here:

Lace is basically an orchid with clear edging on the dorsal, anal & caudal. They usually have a lot of blue iridescence as well. Seen here:

Melano is the attempt at a PURE black betta with zero irridescence. Breeders have tried to inbreed the mutation that spreads the melanin across all the body and fins- sort of an "extended" black. The inbreeding was so frequent that eventually melano females became infertile. The eggs are frail and rupture. There is usually zero iridescence on the fins of a true melano.
Seen here:

Copper black is just that- a cross between a melano and a copper. There is generally a lot of copper iridescence on the fish, giving it this appearance-

Superblack, which is one of my current lines, is the attempt at getting the betta as dark-black as possible with minimal iridescence, while keeping the females fertile. This requires an outcross to an unrelated steel blue female every few generations. You can still sometimes see minimal iridescence on the branching of a superblack, but it is greatly reduced from that of an orchid. Seen here:
Thank you for clearing that up for me :D
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Originally Posted by Sena Hansler View Post
oh you guys are too funny.

My question is...transhipping and shipping prices x.x it's 45.00 from the one I got my fish from, 60.00 for winter... every time I see a betta in usa or whatever it's usually really pricey (geesh canada sucks xD)
High prices are a good thing. For one you can get better prices for your USA fish. For another when someone pays $50.00 + for a fish they probably won't stick him in a small cup of water and neglect him like a garden variety betta..... Which is why all breeders should use the best stock they can get their hands on....
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Sena Hansler
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I got decent stock. Not fancy awesome stock, but pretty decent. Although that CT is making me concerned with his short caudal... as seen there. He may just be young - hopefully. But I've never seen an adult with a short CT tail o_o if it stays that way I'd rather not breed him at all.
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