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Talking WHAT PETS DO YOU HAVE? Please post pics!

I would love to see all the pets everyone has.. Pics appreciated!

heres my 7 pets.......... :)

Teeney the female betta...

Miles and Cargo the Nerite snails...

Here is Patrick, My 4 year old male cat... (momma's boy <3)

And here is Baby, my 1 1/2 year old female cat... (she's quite the character)

Then here is my 7 year old American pit bull terrier/staffordshire bull terrier mix named DeeOhJee. (he has a jingle bell around his neck-- I was taking a christmas picture xD)

And this is Malachi, my 14 year old American Pit bull terrier. <3 He is a sweety pie, and loves going under the covers.

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