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OMG this is my favorite sport!

*takes a deep breath*

These two cats are twins. They where born with half a tail, are cross eyed and albino. Their eyes are the prettiest shade of baby blue! Cain is scared of heights and Tyrael has a lot of health problems. Both have to wear sun block outside.. I love my twins! They're almost 5 years old and survived a house fire 2 years ago.

Miko is about 2 years old and still the size of a kitten. We got her about 2 weeks after our house burned down and the second we saw her we knew she was ours and we were hers. She's scared of loud noises and doesn't go outside unless people are out there. Oh, and she's a snuggle bunny!

Sadie is only 8 months or so. She's an unregistered pit bull.. She's a little bigger now, this pic is old, but she looks pretty much the same. I just didn't want to wake her up for a pic, lol. She's had knee surgery and has a tumor (waiting on tests) and is the BEST DOG EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD... or at least we make sure she feels like it.

OK, now for fishies! Boys first?

He's in charge.. and he knows it!

BBB's tank mate and a hitchhiker that's now in another tank. (Sneaky devil)

My pretty new(ish) HM.. he's soooo shy!

And the girls

Big momma in charge. She's broke but don't let that fool you, she gets around better then the rest and holds her own just fine.

Princess! Very shy little girl, but not at all weak!

Loves the camera and always blushes!

Momma's little explorer. She makes the driftwood and slate in my sorority worth it, she checks every mm of it for.. um.. I have no idea. lol!

My green girl. She doesn't play well with others, so she's in her own 5g for now. I'll move her when the 29 gallon is ready for the girls!

This isn't counting a ton of strays and the occasional rescue we get in. Animals are a huge part of our lives here. I don't think I'd keep my sanity without them!

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Miko - forever kitten [~] Cain & Tyrael - twin cats [~] Sadie - RN Pitbull; Proud new mother!! 1-21-13
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