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Submitted by pinkcupid765 (I just copy-pasted from the "poll thread" to keep everything here). For transparency's sake, the link to original post is located here (page 1):

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Submitted by pinkcupid765


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Okay! My story is very long and dramatic, so please bear with me:

My betta craze was just reaching it's peak! I only had 3 bettas at the time. I needed more(lol)! I invited my friend over and we begged my mom to let me go to the petstore~ Finally after, what, 20 minutes of bribing and whining she took up to Petsmart! Lola and I where searching through the cups and she found a pretty red and black CT. She was just swooning over it and so was I! Then something caught my eye.
In one of the pathetic, display tanks(Which I thought was empty before) held a tiny little baby betta, floating in this nasty moldy stuff! I thought he was dead at first! I tapped on the glass a little bit and he wiggled up to greet me. I just KNEW that he was the one for me! He was adorable, but at the same time it hurt my heart to look at him. His fins where reduced to scraps and the only color that touched his scaled was a washed out brown. Also, he was pathetically thin. I walked up to the closest employee and demanded to see the manger.
The manager was a young girl. In her late 20s. I stated that there was a betta fish that I was interested in and that I'd like her to come see it. She was a bit shocked by his appearance. With a raised voice I explained to her how this was wrong and that she should look into taking proper care of these little lives. She seemed bothered by it all. I'm not sure whether it was the betta fish, or rather the fact that a girl half her age was lecturing her… Of course, while all of this was happening, my mom decided that she didn't know me and my friend had to move to the next isle because she was laughing so hard.
Originally he was supposed to be 8.00$ but since I insisted that that was too much, I got him for 3.00$! I brought him home and quickly cleaned out the disgusting water. His quarantine tank was a simple 1 gallon with a plant and a hammock. I knew right away what I was going to name him! Emiko, meaning "beautiful child". He had that best personality, even in his sad state. Slowly, but surely his fins grew back and so did his trust in people! He would jump for bloodworms!
Unfortunately, his story ended today. After 2 years and 5 months in my care, he said goodbye. The cause of death is unknown. He just slowly withered away. I know that he had a wonderful life, and he certainly changed mine as well. I will miss Emiko with all my heart. The End.

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Betta fish are like French fries. You can't have just one!

RIP~ Eclipse, Emiko, Skylar, and Sebastian

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