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A. Dizzy (short for Discount)

B. 3/29/12-rescued 6/13/12-passed away

C. So I had originally gone to petsmart to get my Black Beard when I saw this little guy. All fuzzy and skinny but still swimming. He looked hopeful but I knew he would deteriorate in his little cup. His neighbors were all in worse condition and or dead. I gave Black Beard to my bf and picked this guy up and looked at him real close. He had this "help me" look so I went back into the fish section. I asked for the "fish guy" and explained to him how he had a fungal infection, and was skinny. He held him up and looked at him closely and agreed. I told him I have everything to treat him, but I have a problem buying a sick fish for 10 dollars (he was a dragon scale). The fish guy and I had a few conversations before today and he knew I bred bettas and obviously knew what I was talking about. He looked at the fish and looked at me and said "alright 50% off, but you can't return him if he dies." I tried not smile too much but happily followed him to the checkout.
The first picture is of when I brought him home, so clamped, skinny and fuzzy. After one day he opened his fins and showed me his pretty tail! and after the second day with me he started to be all cutsie cutsie.
Almost a month later (4/20/12) I moved him to a bigger tank and I realized I didn't have the same fish anymore. I had a beautiful fish that had made such a 180 in health I was amazed.
He ended up having really really good form and great fins so he became the father of a spawn. I realize I had hit the one in a million chance of getting a breeder quality fish from a pet store and it was my rescue non the less! I was so proud of my boy! He was a great father! So attentive and nurturing.
The last picture of him was before I went on vacation, after his spawn. He was such a beauty I had to bring a picture home to mom and dad. But something happened over the week I was gone and he passed away the day after I got home, despite my attempts to save him.
But his genes live on in one surviving and thriving baby. I'm hoping his good nature was also passed on. I'd love to see my little firecracker flaring and wiggling at snails just like his wonderful dad.
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Feel free to message me any questions, I'll try to help the best I can!
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