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Hi everybody, as most of you know or have followed the story of Heart Breaker I will share with those of you that have not. It all started around 8:30pm while I was going through the Betta cups at Petsmart. I was getting to the last of them when my jaw hit the floor. What I saw in the cup looked nothing like a fish, more like an eel with no color. I read the top of the cup and it said Half Moon, and I was thinking these people are crazy! I immediately found one of the Petsmart employees and pointed out this sick young over emaciated Betta that had little to no fins. I told her that Betta's should never look like this and that if they discounted him I will take him home and get him healthy.In all honesty I didn't have very much hope for him but I did pray. Before I left Petsmart I picked up a new 2.5 gallon hospital tank, aquarium salt, stress coat and a heater. Before I drove away I took a picture in his cup.

He doesn't even look like a Betta. Lifeless, no color, extremely underweight and serious ammonia poisoning.

Here is Heart Breaker once I acclimated him to his new heated tank. I have used stress coat and aquarium salt for his ammonia poisoning. I fed him frozen blood worms that night and he loved it. Heart Breaker was swimming funny that night resting a lot on the bottom of his chin while his spine was bent and floating towards the surface. I watched him a lot that night and just remember being so worried.

Here is a closer shot of him on the night I got him.
Here is Day 2, when I woke I was so pleased. Already Heart Breaker had some color back was swimming a bit straighter. He seemed more full of life and much more active. I couldn't of been more pleased.

Days pass and Heart Breaker gets stronger, healthier and more active. We made it a week and I am so happy. Heart Breakers story has not gone unnoticed. He has many people checking in on him and supporting him. I am greatful for all that have kept up with his story.

By week one heart Breaker is eating 3 tiny meals a day to get some weight on. I give him a variety of frozen blood worms, frozen brine shrimp, pellets, and freeze dried blood worms. He is not picky at all!! I do a 100% water change on his tank daily to keep the water clarity pristine! He deserves it.
Here is Heart Breaker almost 2 weeks after I got him, and already you can see the major tail growth and the weight has put on. He has darkened up a lot and has so much life back in his heart.

Well today is day 17 and Heart Breaker made his first bubble nest. He is definitely a very happy spoiled Betta. I could not be happier with the outcome. He is definitely out of the way of danger and now his final steps will be growing big and strong and the regrowth of his beautiful red fins.

I would say for those interested in rescuing a Betta to do just that. We all need to be a voice for these innocent fish that are mass bred by us humans for sale and numbers. I am proud to be a voice for them and to try and provide a happy healthy home for as many as I can manage. All they need is time and love and they will make the best pets with a very special place in our hearts.

Great job to all of those that help save the lives of these beautiful fish!!

Just because I'm in a cup, does not mean to pass me up, all day long I sit and stare wishing you would take me there. To your home to set me free, in a tank would mean worlds to me. I'll be your friend and loving pet, buying me wont bring regret. I'm just a Betta can't you see, all I ask is you could too love me - CandiceMM

A cold cup was not my destiny-Heart Breaker

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