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hello, i am a new member so i was reading posts and always happy to learn new things (everytime you learn something new, u get a wrinkle in your brain-so i was told in college). im a begginer with the fish, but not with people, and this person is a total idoit! when i read u r only 15yrs old i almost choked! you speek very well, and seem like ur highly intellegant for your age. thats why i have to say this: people who use big words all the time, especially when writing, are the ones who are lacking self-esteem, and intellegance. the way he wrote 4 paragraphs with the same info. repeating himself, also if you noticed, he mis-spelled almost every regular word except the big ones (he had to look the spelling up) and kept repeating how u were stupid-a person who is content with themselves and what they are doing (breeding in this case)don't act like that because they know what their doing works. he is a foney so he calls others names and put them down. you said what you had to and kept it short n simple, so i really hope he did post your comment and his response to it. cause if people read that, they rather not buy from someone who thinks he is a "god". if he really bothers you, just idea, you should message him in a personal message and say "im sending this private message so i dont embarras u. i'm under the age of 18yrs old and have more respect in the way i communicate with people. but you are so arrogant and immature, all you did was put me down and call me stupid, and you are older then me! i would never want you FREE advice, i just want people to get the truth so they can buy and care for the pet they love. but thank you for showing me just how illiterate you are. you didnt say 1 thing about actually caring/loving your fish, just breeding and $$$."
like i said, just idea lol. well good luck with your fish
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