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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
"Jesus your stupid" Uhh my stupid what?
He can't even spell betta....

My teachers always say that swearing a lot to strangers in situations like this is a sign of extreme stupidity.
Those poor fish Dx

Edit: Uhh I'm no expert but isn't it kind un pro like to be breeding a CTxVT? :s
Also, never knew betta had such long ding dongs -cannot unsee-

Ha ha. . she's right. I didn't get past "Your stupid" without rolling my eyes. If you can't use proper grammar or spelling you better not call other people stupid several times. What a moron.

(I disagree about the swearing thing but that's just me. I love swearing in certain situations but at least I can spell, read, write, and use proper grammar in most situations. The correct usage of "Whom" occasionally gets me. I still hate when people end a sentence in a preposition or use overly redundant language but saying the F word does not offend me half as much as not being able to read and write in your given language. Most of the world can use several languages so there is not excuse not to be able to use ONE language. Those people need to go back to second grade.)

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