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Yesterday I bought 2 ADF's so today I am going to have to do a good amount more research on them.
I also changed substrate in 1 of my 2.5's into an NPT and am going to work on the rest today.
Did a w/c on both the fry tank and main tank.
I'm also about to start conditioning my next pair today, but can't decide which to do yet

Come-on people! Lets keep this thread going

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Aemaki, I'll help you out with some research, I'm still doing mine. We're picking up a friend for Pancake on Thurs (since Mike got out of class too late last Wednesday).

I (sadly) moved Norbert off of the desk, I have to clean Pancake's (ADF) tank today, and Freddie and Frankie's (ACF). I made a lid for Pancake's tank, Fenghuang and I did some research and learned that sculpey clay and hot glue are AQ safe (tried by numerous people across many forums with success), so I made a nifty cave with plants on it for testing (to see if they like it) in one of the tanks.

WHEW! lol

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I emptied the water in Galileo's home tank and vacuumed, then emptied the water from Esmeralda's tank into his (he is not in it and I want to keep the cycle going). Then I refilled Esmeralda's tank with clean water and vacuumed. Then I changed the water in Sesshomaru's tank and vacuumed. Then I cupped Galileo and did a 100% water change on his hospital tank and remedicated his water and them put him back in after a half hour of acclimatizing. Then I tried to feed him. Then I fed the other two. Then I tried to feed the new snails. They wouldn't eat veggies so I tried flake food. Esmeralda ate that. So I tried sinking pellets from NLS. She hunted down every single pellet in the gravel and ate them all. Now she is stalking the snails because she knows I want to feed them. Oh also one of them laid an egg first day in the tank!!) and Esmeralda ate that too :/

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Why I have not seen this thread before? Anyway....

Yesterday, picked up silk flowers. Let them soak overnight to remove any dirt or excess dye.

Today, dried off the flowers. Figured out how to arrange them so they would work in the tanks. Used silicone to attach the stems to river rocks.

Now, I'm bored because it's going to take 24 hours for the stuff to dry.

And tonight, I need to do water changes.
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It's 4:45pm. Since 10:15 am I have been completely taking apart, rinsing, and reorganizing all the decorations AND gravel in Four 5 gallon tanks.

We have been waiting for 2 tanks, and they arrived today. I decided to totally redo all of the gravel and decorations in all of the tanks. Total makeover! and boy did I give myself a heavy project!!!

My back is killing me after 6 and a half hours of bending and lifting 50 lb tanks and buckets, but it's worth it!

The last tank is filling up with water now, so I'll post pictures when I'm done

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Well, fed my fishes today. Added more fish food into both of the cycling tanks. Will change the water in Rain's container later (which is floating in his cycling tank to keep him warm).
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Reference Team
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Well this morning I cleaned out five of my grow-outs and then did two of my breeding pair tanks. Going to have another six tanks to clean out when I get home this afternoon.

I also have put some oak leaves in some water to get them to sink, and then I am going to add them into a couple of my tanks to replace the leaf litter that has broken down.

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yesterday I added, two high fin black and gold platys, two sword tails, and fed them and the fry.

To day I added Some agate stones ( polished and after a three hour memory relapse took out the Green rock... remembering Green = arsenic or copper/ no damage was done since it wasn't in the tank long enough).

Fed fish going to feed fry... Oh and gave mom gravel and plants for her betta tank. Poor Mr betta got yelled at for getting in my moms way trying to fix his filter. Poor fishy, she made it up to him by giving him tasty shrimps.

5gallon, One male betta
10 gallon, full of baby fry/ one baby betta
34 gallon:2 peppered corydoras, 2 upside down catfish, 2 cherry barbs, two danio's, 2 platy's, 2 high fin platys, 2 red swords, 2 angelfish, 1 dwarf Gourami, 3 black skirts, two diamond tetra's and 2 gold Gourami.
And going to get, 2 cory cats

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Picked up a nerite snail I'm tentatively naming Nemo to go in the 10 gal. Gills is having a good time flaring at the bag then swimming over to look at me wondering why what I'm giving his is not food.
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Today, my first ever package of IAL's came in! :D
Also, I've got the place to myself for the weekend, so I'm being sneaky and buying another betta (hopefully that gorgeous white and blue plakat is still at Petco! I saw him last Friday, and boy I fell hard!) I bought all the supplies for him today, getting 3 days worth of bike riding done in one day, and now all I need is him! :)

My dearest fishy friends: Chappy, Scatha, Jocasta, Tsarina, Halcyon, and Mr. Golden Super Happy Fun Time (Mr. Gold)!
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