Diary of a Petstore Bystander - Page 108 - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care
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Going to Petco, a worker was trying to sell a disabled after and his school aged daughter a fish bowl for a pretty little Betta, I walk over after the employee leaves and explain how they should really be housed and what they need he left with a 3g with filter gravel water conditioner good food a couple plants and promised me he would get a heater the next week and thanked me for all the help and keeping his daughter from crying in a couple of months

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Some older keepers -- who don't get out much -- call saltwater fish "tropical," I guess because that was the terminology when they were coming up.

Freshwater fish included Betta, Goldfish, Guppy, Angelfish, Paradise, Gourami, Tetra etc. Most don't need heaters, they tell me. There has been an increase in the number of "freshwater" species available that need warmer water. "Then get them a heater," is their response. Heating a tank from the outside was a real bother in the old days, I'm told.
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Today at a small pet store they had a betta bowl. It wasn't a gallon bowl, it was maybe a half gallon bowl. In it was 1 plastic plant. And TWO FEMALES. Two. Females. In. One. Practically. Empty. Half. Gallon. Bowl. I probably don't have to mention that it is also not heated or filtered. Come on, pet store. You're a pet store. One lay barely alive only flaring once and a while, while the healthier of the two poked the weak one over and over. I feel terrible for people who can't manage a sorority in a lush 10 gallon while these fish manage to not kill other in an empty bowl.

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We went to a pet store to get some feeders today and while looking at the bettas (all male, in terrible little .000001 gallon tealite bowls, one had some weird grey fungus covering half his body ) I started to walk away until I noticed a tank labled "female bettas" with at least 3 girls in there, no cover what so ever. Everyone was fin-clamped and dull-colored, 2 girls were pecking eachother :(

I always hate going there, their fish section is atrocious but they have cheap feeders.

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I mentioned this in my journal and a thread for the Betta that caused this, but I figured I'd post it here too.

I went into Petco a few days ago to look for a new Betta, and I saw this HMPK male, red and cello with a white face, with blue scales. He was gorgeous. When I walked away to look at the others and see if any others caught my eye, two kids with their mother had run over to the Bettas and said they wanted him because I guess the kids saw me looking at him, I don't know. The mother had a 0.5g Betta cube in hand. Keep in mind this HMPK is large (he's 1.7" BO), so I tried to educate them.

I told the mother that if they're going to get a Betta and want it to live for more than two weeks, they need a much bigger tank than that, a heater, water conditioner, and some decor for it to hide in to start. She looked at me like I was speaking a different language, didn't even say anything in response, and picked the PK I liked up. As a last ditch effort to keep them from buying him, I told her he looked sick and I wouldn't get him. She put him back (thank god), and went to look at the other Betta rack in the next aisle. I grabbed him and practically ran to the register with him. He's mine now. I'm pretty sure they did wind up getting a different Betta but what can ya do? I tried.

Those are the kind of people who make me hate pet stores. An employee was standing right there and didn't say anything either. I really wish they'd stop selling those horrible cubes, but it's a money maker, they never will. Or I wish they'd at least post a care sheet next to the Bettas.. They can have a sheet there with prices but not a sheet saying not to stick them in 0.5g cubes then wonder why they die in a week. I don't know why I bother trying to tell people how to care for them, that's exactly why I usually keep my mouth shut when I see something like that happening, but I wanted the Betta they decided to try to kill slowly.
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Check out my journal - SIP to all of the Bettas I've lost
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My two favorite stores actually TRY to get people to buy the 3 Gallons and up tanks for Bettas. They do have the cubes but they tell them it's only for "photo purposes" or "temporary homes until they get a bigger tank set up." Today I went into one of them to by new plants, and I saw a 3 or 4 Gallon tank, with plants, sponge filter and a heater and a nice happy little HM boy
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If I had a pet store like that around me, I'd be the happiest person alive, not having the incredible urge to slap a Betta cube out of someone's hand and knock the whole rack of them down by 'accident' every time I go in there. My PetSmart is usually pretty good, a few times I've seen people go in there for a Betta and they recommend 2.5 gallon tanks, heaters and Prime, but even they have the Betta cubes on a rack directly under both Betta displays. They don't say anything unless they're asked about care. Oh, and they had one of those Finding Dory tank displays out with a Betta in it, gorgeous DTHM boy, half dead with no heater or any decor in it. They took it down, I guess he died.. But that person in Petco just irritated me, if you don't want your two bratty kids crying in a week's time when their poor little fish dies, maybe you should listen to the random helpful stranger trying to prevent that. If you're not prepared to spend at the very least $80 on a setup for a Betta, don't get one, it's very simple.

I'm turning this into the Rant Thread.. I'll shut up now.
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I've seen stores try and shove cubes down customer's throats when they've brought a Betta.

A girl I work with has two MALE bettas in the same, undivided tank...she said it's a big tank and all she had was a filter. She heard me talking about my three with my supervisor and asked why hers weren't doing any good. I asked her why she had two males together and she told me "the guy at the store told me I could keep two together because they're fighting fish and it's what they do." I gave her all the information she needed and what to do if she wanted both fish to stay alive. She didn't tell me the name of the store because she couldn't remember but I suspect I know which one. She said she wanted a "low-maintenance" fish, as in, "sit-and-leave-it"

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There is no pet, even plants, that can just be sit-and-leave-it. Everything needs at least weekly maintenance of some sort!

To be honest, I originally looked at bettas as the same thing because a friend of the family had one in a tiny bowl with half the water evaporated out. I figured they were just super tough. My daughter wanted a pet fish for her birthday. I did the research, though, and found out that an unheated, unfiltered bowl isn't ideal. Our ten gallon has grown a lot in the past two years.

The plant guy at Petsmart likes when I come in. He got excited when they changed their plant display tank. I didn't even know they had one before that because it was tucked in a corner. He had to show me the display tank with all the plants (and pond snails, ha!). When I go there, I always get at least one more plant. Gotta fill in those bare spots!
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Am I the only one who talks loudly to my family whenever I see someone looking at the bettas? Oh, these half-Gallon bowls are so terrible, aren't they..."

The first time I got a betta, we went to an LFS to see if they had five-Gallon tanks. This was a few years ago, but I believe the conversation went something like this:
"Hi! Do you have five Gallon tanks?"
"Let me look... what fish is it for?"
"A betta"
"Your getting a five Gallon for a BETTA?" He was clearly thinking 'are you crazy?'

Not sure if I posted that before. I don't think so.

There are always piles of dead goldfish in the bottom of the tank in our Petsmart. Ugh.
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