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I named my first boy Piras after the main character in a webcomic I really like. The main character is a redhead who is kind of vain and likes to show off, which is exactly what my boy is like 😄 (the comic is called Awaken, and is a sci fi/fantasy comic with cool monsters and really awesome world building, so please check it out if you like comics!)

I named Snoopy after the Peanuts character, mostly because of his spots. But he also kind of gave me a sad look the first week when we we're figuring out what food he would eat that reminds me of the sad eyes my sister's dog gives me when I'm not getting him lol. I started calling Snoopy puppy as a nickname

My girls are Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Serenity, Venus, and Artemis. I named the first five based on the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon because I originally was going to make my 20 gallon a sorority, and wanted them to have names based on a theme. But after doing more research I decided not to do a sorority, especially since my girls are unrelated and different ages. Plus I don't think Mercury and Serenity would do well in sorority because they're both very feisty, and I know from accidentally allowing Serenity to hop into Jupiter's side of the tank that she is quite agressive.

Artemis' name comes from her color, since she is white with a faint overlay of iridescence all over. I think she's an attempt at an opaque white, since she has a bit of opaque on her head, but her body is close to cellophane. She also has larger pectorals, so she flutters around the 20 gallon looking like the moon. Artemis is the Greek goddess who is associated with the moon and also hunting, so it's a perfect name for a betta 😄
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My current betta is called Helios. Named after the ancient greek god and personification of the sun due to his yellow and white coloring!
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Ryuu. Japanese for dragon.IMG_0023_1522477493075.jpg
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Youngest sons veiltail is called torch because he's red....

Wife's EE is called Mistoffelees after Magic Mr Mistoffelees from CATS because like the cat he seems to disappear and reappear out of nowhere!

My girl is called Lucy ,no real reason other than it seems to suit her.
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My male is named Aktium after a water park ride . My baby is named Corsair - no reason
My girls are named Fenella ( I really like the sound of it and it fits her ), Fortuna (she was a rescue and it means good luck in Italian), London (I recently had visited London ), Lia (I like the sound of it and it fits her ),Pumpkin (she’s completely orange), Selena (I liked the sound of it and it fits her) , Alia ( I was looking for names for her and the autocorrect put the name Alia there so it was a sign ) and Serendipity ... well her name is Serendipity because I went to the store looking for a red female crowntail
and they delivered right in that moment . I foundher while looking for something else 🙂 the store owner didn’t even want to sell her because she had just arrived
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My past bettas were pretty much all named from the game World of Warcraft : Leroy (referencing Lerrroooooy Jennnnkiiins!), Khadgar, Chen, Wrynn, and Carlin. I also had a small sorority where most of the ladies were named referencing World of Warcraft: Sylvie (short for Sylvanaas) Lex (short for Alexstraaza), Rhea, Lemon and Queenie.

Currently I have only one betta boy, my pretty boy Stan. Why? Well, just because. :)
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My purple-blue girl's name is Nymeria, because I love Game of Thrones and it's a semi-obscure but beautiful name from it. My blue boy I adopted because he had some major bloat (still does, we're working on curing him) and thought he would die and wanted him to die somewhere nicer than a pet store cup, but I named him Atlas because of the great blue sphere of weight he carries around.
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Lieutenant Dan. When I was growing up our class had a pet betta that my friend and I called Bubba Gump from the fictional shrimp company in, you guessed it, Forrest Gump. So I decided to carry on the theme, and it gives me an excuse to make random movie quotes. I sometimes tell my betta that I got him icecream in my best Forrest voice. Because I'm not strange. And my husband often reminds Lieutenant Dan he has no legs, because he's not strange either.
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Got a new betta boy this past Friday. Keeping in theme with my Star Wars-named bettas, his name is Jango. He has a zebra nerite companion named Fett.

"Just keep swimming."

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I named my husband's and my first betta. He was a dark blue rosetail with red ventral fins. He was such a cutie. Very peaceful and mellow too. I named him "Le-Wei" (Pronounced Lee-Way) because it's a male Chinese name meaning. "Beautiful Rose." My husband laughed and said it worked on two levels because the only reason we got him is that my husband gave me too much leeway. Haha
Our current betta, my husband named "DaVinci." I think it's very fitting since he has bright blues and bold red and his fins looked like brush strokes. He's a little masterpiece for sure.
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