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I've 2 Bettas currently. My male is named Milo. He reminds me of the "prettiest" of the Pokemon, Milotic. I'm still looking for the right name for my girl. She was very small &, I'm guessing, young when I got her. She's pale with reddish orange fins/tail, black speckled random markings. And I just noticed today, she's starting to get some blue iridescence. She's perky & busy and loves to chase my finger. I love her even though she is just"her" right now.
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I have one male, and his name is Jake. My avatar is a picture of Jake when I first got him. I decided on the name because, as I was driving home with him, the name just hit me. So that's been his name ever since. Like some of the others that I've seen mentioned here, he's really calm. He doesn't flare when he sees himself in a mirror. He just looks at himself, admires for a moment, then swims off to do his own thing again. I've never had a male this calm before. But he likes following his reflection in the side glass of the tank. Just swimming back and forth trying to introduce himself to the other fish lol.
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I just got my Betta a few nights ago. I named him Renaldo as while I sitting in my room in front of the tank this happened;
I was experimenting with names and he was in a cave ignoring me (fins towards me facing away). I jokingly said 'oi, Renaldo come here' and he immediately turned around, thinking it was a fluke I called him Renaldo again and told him to 'get over here if you like the name' and he swam right for me. I figured why fight it, he clearly likes it...that and it oddly suits him :)
What do you think?
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My Betta's name is Glub Glub. When my niece was younger that is what she called fish, and I thought it sounded like a perfect name for a Betta. Lol
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I've got several, most named after their colors. There's Purplefish who is as purple as a betta can get; Leo who is a plakat that is pink butterfly(marbled) with his red "lions mane"(betta beard); Delta is a delta finned betta; Kuro is a metallic black halfmoon; Shimmer, my first petco baby betta who is fabulously shiny turquoise; and a plain blue crowntail female that hasn't earned a name yet. Maybe chubby because she is very fat.

Be the Better you.
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I have five bettas, and will give their names, and explain the meanings.

Sapphire: Female VT (Blue)
She was given this name by my mom, mainly because she’s blue, the color of a sapphire.

Luna: Male HM (Blue)
I had a betta, which was my first, and he was named Luna.
That name just came to me because of the moon, and because someone had a dog named Luna.
Luna, my very first betta, he died two years ago, but I got another one like him, and kept the name.

Santiago: Male CT (Yellow)
He has yellow and blue coloring, which reminding me of a hispanic theme, which is why I chose Santiago.

Nico: Male HMPK (Red & Blue)
Well, this name just sounded really cute for a betta, and was a suggestion from my brothers, so I chose it.

Janet: Female HMPK (Maroon & Blue)
There is a cashier at my grocery store named Janet, the name sounded nice, so I chose it for her.

I have had other bettas, they are deceased or I rehomed them, which are,
Spooler, Luna #1, Fanatic, and April. I rehomed April from my female sorority.
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I have one betta in a planted 20 gallon all by his lonesome. He loves to hide in a dwarf anubias in the back corner of his mansion, but he's a bit of a diva and always comes up to the front of his tank and wiggles if he notices people watching him. He's also very docile and I've only seen him flare twice in the year we've had him.

I named him Steve after Captain America because he's a beautiful bright blue with deep red ventral fins that have white tips. How patriotic!
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Currently I have three - Maz, Pacci, and Tibs.

Mazarine - Female Multi Veiltaill, NN "Maz". I just like the word, it's a shade of blue apparently. Though Maz has more redwash and doesn't look blue. She doesn't care either way.

Carpaccio - Cellophane Marble DTHM, NN "Pacci". He's a fancy looking guy and he needed a fancy name, so I called him the first random thing I though of. Which happened to be carpaccio. I think I was hungry when I named him.

Tibs - Steel Blue CT. Oh, Tibs. Well, he looks like a Tibs. He's named after a certain Emperor in a certain game series. Also unintentionally named after Ethiopian Cuisine.
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Currently I have two boys named Velvet and Rosco. Velvet was suggested by a member on here because I was having a hard time coming up with a name for that sassy little boy. Rosco for some reason as soon as I saw him Rosco just popped into my h ead lol. Not very interesting. However some of my past bettas were named after hard work of finding names.

My first boy Blaze was a orange with red spots. I also had an addiction to the name Blaez back then. My second boy was named Liberty because he was dark blue, red and had white tips. Following him in tribute was Justice. However I think my boy Nymph Phlox had the most interesting name. My friend online Majestic helped come up with his name. His fins reminded me of a flower petal and she said fairy like. So we found a flower with similar coloring which happened to have Phlox in it and she suggested Nymph lol. So Nymph Phlox he became.

I just recently lost my boy Nessie due to a decoration faulty. He got stuck.. But his name was also suggested by someone on here and even though his apppearence wasn't suited for his tanks theme he was still Nessie of Mystic Waters lol.
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I've got a red, white, and blue male betta named Loki. He's named that because of a little game he plays. He swims up to the surface and flips over like he's dead. He'll wait there until I start pulling the lid off the tank, then he flips back over and starts happily swimming around like nothing happened. He even did it at the pet store in his little cup. It's what made me pick him. I figured being named after the god of mischief was appropriate.
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