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Smile What's is your betta(s) name and why ?

I searched the archives for a thread like this but I couldn't find it .

So, I started my own thread.

What were some of the alternative names that you wanted to give your betta(s) ?

Why did you give your betta(s) the name you gave it ?

I'll start.

Some alternative names I gave was considering were all Greek heroes or Greek Gods like Apollo , Hercules, Zeus, ect.

I wanted to give my betta a name that was both mythical yet a name that people actually use for their real name. Something that would sound nice.

So, I picked Leo.
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My mom actually suggested Loki to me when I first pointed out that my new changed colors depending on the lighting. He goes everywhere from dark gray to purple to red to blue.
When she first suggested the name I loved it because I've been studying various mythologies for years and thought naming him for the Norse trickster god who was known for shape shifting was appealing not only because of his color changing, but also that part of what drew me to Loki was him faking me out every time I set his cup down to look at a different fish. She was meaning Loki because "he turned blue in that movie." :P

He was almost named Odin, because of his one eye. The suggestion of Loki made me think of Odin but overall he just isn't serious enough to be an Odin so Loki it was.
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Loki, a lovely EE plakat in a five gallon tank with some shrimp and a snail.
Beo, a beautifully ugly little guy (or gal), who's fins are still too ripped and his age too young for me to tell anything beyond "small and brown" in a temporary 3 gallon.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two ADFs rooming temporarily homing with Beo.

Will eventually add a matching five for the frogs or Beo, depending on so many factors.

Hope to someday own a pea puffer with possibly some otos.
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I have had my little guy for a couple of weeks and still haven't named him!
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What's is your betta(s) name and why ?

Heck I have 5 Bettas right now, but I’ll just share a couple.
Cassian is my white and grey Delta tail, I got his name from a character off of Star Wars: Rouge One. I almost named him Legolas (from lord of the rings) but I had to keep it Cassian, I love that name to much!
And my girl, Amethyst, is a purple, yellow, and white delta tail and is named after, not only the crystal, but a character from my favorite show Steven Universe.

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My half-moon male is named Da Vinci. He's blue with a white rim around his tail and white lips. As I was taking name suggestions, my four year old cousin suggested 'Leonardo' because that's the blue ninja turtle. I rolled with it and named him Leonardo da Vinci, but generally refer to him as just Da Vinci. I liked this name a lot because I'm an artist and like that it's an artists name, and I also like that my sweet little cousin got to help me name him. I'm hoping to get a yellow better in the future and call him Van Gogh (because of the whole yellow paint thing). I think I'll be naming all of my fish arty names from here on out :)
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I have three bettas, and here's a quixk summary of how they all got their names c:
Rodge - I was very obsessed with a Youtuber Brandon Rodgers at the time, and I wanted to name him off of him somehow. I don't really like the name Brandon, or Rodger, so Rodge ended up being his name c: (think this was about the time #notmyrodrick was happening too, might've been a factor lol)
Tarou - The name means 'big' from what I am aware of, I knew I was getting a twin tail halfmoon and his tail would be huge, so there we go!
Jupiter - I knew I wanted to name him something mythological or planet-related. He was going to be Venus, but when my friend offered the name Jupiter, I knew it was meant to be!

Tarou (dthm), Jupiter (hm), and Rodge (hmpk)
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Daisy—blue crown-tail female. The name just popped in my head after watching her antics.

Poldark—metallic blue comb-tail. Love those PBS shows! If you've watched it and like smoldering Aidan Turner, you'll know why.

Flynn Finn—My lavender EE. Very active and friendly. He has a Nemo gimp fin, which I didn't notice in the store, but he is still pretty.
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A Boy Named Sue (blue veiltail boy).
Akiko/Aki (blue & red half moon girl).
Ruby Tuesday (white & red Crowntail girl).
The Crimson Ghost (red veiltail boy).
Hattori Hanzo (Black & red Crowntail boy).
The Thin White Duke (blue, purple & white grizzle twin-tail half moon boy).
Varuna/V (white & red longfin dragon scale).
Cherie (silver half moon girl).
Suzi (red & purple veiltail girl).
Lita (red veiltail girl).
Joan (blue & black veiltail girl).

I don't know how half these names happened. Ghost is an easy one - He's bright red. The Crimson Ghost was a 1940s sci-fi film & also the name of the mascot for the band The Misfits.

Hanzo just looked like a samurai fish & loves to flare & show off.

I'm told one translation of 'aki' in Japanese is "sparkle" - when I got her she had some silvery shine under the blue... It's mostly gone now that she's matured, but she may have the marble gene. I see little white spots & black spots coming & going. Oh, also, if you add the suffix '-ko' to a Japanese word or name it means "little" so "Aki" might mean sparkle & "Akiko" means little sparkle OR Little Aki, since Aki is also a feminine name. Like Autumn.

The Thin White Duke, or just Duke, honors David Bowie.

Varuna, I call him V. V is the Roman numeral for 5, & Varuna was the 5th Betta boy I got. Varuna is also a Hindu water god & a master of rebirth. This Betta was a rescue. He had SBD & had been tail-biting at the big-box LFS, so when he came home with me he was quite literally reborn: a new life, a total change. He's one of the happiest fish I've ever seen.

4 of the girls in the sorority are named for the band The Runaways (Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cherie Currie), & there's something about their looks that links them to their namesake. For example Lita is all red, & Lita Ford is known for her red B.C. Rich Warlock guitar from the 1980s.

There are reasons for all their names, I guess... many of them are music-related. I mean, Sue. A Boy. A Boy Named Sue. It's a Johnny Cash song!
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i've owned 13 bettas, (currently just one, may be getting another next week) here are the names i can remember
Ember- named because a red glowing collour
Fuschia- the colour she was
Flair renamed Jaws- was called Flair as a pun was renamed Jaws becuse she attacked every one
Marguerite- named because it means pearl and she was white
Kaida- means little dragon. Named because she looked like a Chinese celestial dragon (the name is Japanese though, not Chinese)
Lilac- the colour she was
Zoey- just liked the name
Primrose 'Prim'- after the character from the Hunger Games
Philomena- after the saint
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My current two boys are named:
- Narong for a hmpk orange/copper marble (according to google, it is a male thai name that means "One who always creates war or is ready for war.")
Since they come from Thailand and that little beast was flaring at me when he was still in the bag (the water was so chilly I feared for their lives.. I ordered catappa leaves from my transhipper and he put it inbetween the heat pack and the bettas, over the newspaper layer... Heat pack was super warm, betta's water was cold.)

-Niran for a giant hmpk red copper (which means "The one who is everlasting and never ending" in thai ) I thought about naming him Drogon, which is the largest of the Daenery's dragons in game of thrones and is black and red, but I went for the name that fitted the theme better. We joke with my boyfriend that we should name him "Niran, eater of all" because he tries to eat everything he stumbles upon even though I feel like I'm feeding him a huge amount of food already.
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