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Goblin always comes over when I walk into my dorm room. I can also just stick my face in front of the tank and say his name and no matter what he always ends up swimming over. Starts wiggling and twitching and hopes I'll drop some food in the tank. I can point to food in the tank & he goes straight to the food and noms. Or he plays with it. He eats one and plays with the other usually.
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My bettas do too many cute things to list..

My boyfriend though does cute things when it concerns the fish...

I had gotten a lovely cellophane dalmation a while back, Butters because he twitches around like Butters Scotch on South Park.. and my boyfriend stole him and placed him on his desk.
He loves that fish almost as much as he loves his dog now.. I will catch him talking to Butters, and at times even will dance with him (when he stands up, Butters will rush towards him and start twitching and dancing.. so my boyfriend joins in with some music and they dance together.. <face palm>).

Now today was tank cleaning day and I put Frazzle next to Aanya for the first time and he finally flared up (ended up being a double crowntail of all things).. so I told my boyfriend this and he got all pouty.. he was worried that Aanya wouldn't come visit Butters anymore lol.
(I had all the fish together during surgery to make feeding/cleaning easier on me so Butters got to see Aanya and they enjoyed each other greatly.. she in fact egged up for the first time because of him)
My boyfriend wanted to make sure that Butters still got some attention and time with Aanya (in their own respective homes).. yeah, and he called me crazy and said bettas were "just fish and nothing like his chichlids" when I brought home the first one ;)

So now I have to schedule "play dates" between my girl and "his" Butters.. sigh..

Breeder so I have too many to count and too many named to list here!

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my DT flares his beard at flakes too big to swallow when trying to eat them.

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My betta will stare at me everytime I'm on the computer! He's a scaredycat so whenever I go near him, he runs away. When I put a mirror, he just runs away again! It's so cute! He does get very excited when I open his food and I put a pellet on my finger and show it to him which he gets excited and doesn't run away! I always do these so he knows where I put his food.
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Trident loves playing with the laser pointer and is photogenic. He'll mostly swim in the front of the tank when he sees me with my phone. Then he'll swim and stop and let his fins fan about for about five seconds and then repeat the process over and over again. When he wants to take a break, he'll either move to the sides of his tank or swim in his cave.

Cupid, on the other fin, is a pistol. I've made the mistake of hand feeding him. Now anytime I put my hand in his tank, he bites me. Even if I'm hand feeding him, he'll end up deliberately missing it and bit my finger. He doesn't hold back either, he bites hard (not enough to hurt me though). If the food falls to the substrate, I have to point to where it is from the outside of the tank and he usually finds it. If I put my finger on the outside of his tank, sometimes he'll try to bite through the glass. He doesn't get as distracted with the laser pointer like Trident though.

"You may not be able to save every pet in the world but at least you can mean the world to each pet you adopt." - Unknown
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My Betta's name is Bennie. He's about 1 1/2 years. He's in a filtered 10 Gallon Tank. He's so happy!! All day he plays and swims around and like... 'fish runs'! Often I see him 'fish run' let the current of the filter take him to the bottom rocks as he takes back control of himself and does it all over again. He's always exploring his tanks. Looking at his reflection and watching me and my dogs live around him.
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My betta is in a tank with two corys and will often get very face-to-face with them while they are sleeping to wake them up and chase and play with them. Itís so cute! When I first saw him approaching the corys I was afraid he was being aggressive but he never flares or nips at them. Heíll blow little bubbles in their face if they arenít getting up and then touch them with his nose (mouth closed) when he chases them.

Also if he sees me get face to face with the tank he often swims up really fast to his floating log and peers at me through that. Heíll weave in and out of it and blow a bubble at the top, like heís trying to impress me lol.
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Peaches would only flare at my mom. He was a little scaredy-cat most of the time. Pens, my finger, mirrors, etc all made him run and hide. Even other people he'd hide from (except me, but I was the Bringer of Food, so I got to be an exception). But the moment he saw my mom, he'd come darting out of his cave and give her a full on flare.

Loki get's super excited to see me. He swims out with his seeing side towards me (he's missing an eye) and then turn to show me his blind side and then loses all excitement until he ends up turning his seeing side to me again. He also likes to wait until his food is sinking and then chase after it. Especially the pieces that get caught in his filter's current. He loves to chase those down. He likes his shrimp too, darting after them when they swim away but never nipping or flaring at them. More like he enjoys the chase and then will pause when they stop until they dart off again.

Loki, a lovely EE plakat in a five gallon tank with some shrimp and a snail.
Beo, a beautifully ugly little guy (or gal), who's fins are still too ripped and his age too young for me to tell anything beyond "small and brown" in a temporary 3 gallon.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two ADFs rooming temporarily homing with Beo.

Will eventually add a matching five for the frogs or Beo, depending on so many factors.

Hope to someday own a pea puffer with possibly some otos.
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