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Originally Posted by Sena Hansler View Post

"#4 so my jealous lil idiot freind i suggest you put ego and pride aside - lots you jealous idiots or tools whose egos stung cause everything you thought you knew or do is wrong and not the best lol lol i suggest you swallow ego shut the ____ up close mouth open eyes ears brain and improve- im most successful breder in world and twice as successful as "the most successful breders in world" lol dumbs- punk- your a high school qb tryin to talk **** to tom brady lol st-u- learn or dont your loss"

what the frack is a qb? :/ slang like that I've never heard.
qb= quarterback in american football hence the tom brady reference.
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Ahaha, wow, what an egomaniac. People who act like that are obviously trying to compensate for something that they lack. He must not be so amazing if no one has ever heard of him.. Thanks for the giggle, Mr. Vampire. ^^

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Ha ha ha...if ignorance is bliss this is one happy guy! I'm amazed at all his bragging of a "lifetime of scientific genetic etc knowledge", and yet, he lacks basic knowledge of spelling, grammar, punctuation, or professionalism! Maybe he forgot to take his medication? Sorry, that was so rude of me!
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if you take out the parts of his "encyclopedia" (or ramblings to his mirror, whichever) that are lol, etc, hopelessly misspelled, swearing, or he has said it before, you get about 5 words.
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omg im dying.
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I think it is safe to say that the only good thing Thaitybettas is good for is entertainment.

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Originally Posted by FishyFishy89 View Post
I think it is safe to say that the only good thing Thaitybettas is good for is entertainment.
Lol. Very true.

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OMG sorry people for dragging this thread up again, but I just found something on youtube, someone commented on a seperate video, and I just thought it was too relevant (funny) to let go unnoticed!I think I deleted all the bad language, mods if I missed anything please delete it, there were a lot of swearwords in there!

Meet the youtube donkey
Hybrid: Cross between a troll and smartass who doesn't know stuff
Fact: Stupider than the regular smartaleck
Life span: Until someone finds and kick his behind then goes a little further...
Habits: Comments on on videos on you tube and other places.These comments have no ground and a generally ether misinformed or just plain stupid.
Characteristics: Like a huge troll mixed with a stupid smartaleck
Behaviour: Like a troll who knows nothing. . . yet still won't
shut up.


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and whatever else sneaked into my tank while I wasnt looking

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Wow...just came across this. What makes me angry is that people actually like his videos/compliment him...this is terrible. Is there any place you can see his "products" available for sale? I don't see how he can get away with saying his products are the cheapest you'll ever find when they clearly aren't...
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I just read this thread, and let me just start out by saying WOW! ANyone with that much anger is absolutely a waste of hot air. As for producing nice fish, well, there are many many people producing FABULOUS fish without all the megalomania and poor grammar and attitude thrown in. As for you, MrVampire: I have a friend here on this forum, the person who introduced me actually. We meet in person, and share fish stories, genetic, and bacteria (for cycling...). On the occasion of our last meeting, he told me to keep a look-out for you specifically. He said you were one of the most intelligent, well-written, well-educated, and most helpful betta breeders he has ever encountered. He told me about your set-up, skills, and everything. In fact, I was to look you up specifically and learn as much as possible from you. This was day before yesterday, in fact! So if that makes you feel better, you and your quality fish are a "household name" over here in Grants Pass, OR! That other dude isn't and obviously never will be. Except like this, as entertainment. Just let it go. His actions- and words- reflect on him, not you. :)

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