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The worst mistake you made

I thought this would be a cool thread to read but BF doesn't have one. I'm gonna fix that. Post your worst aquarium mistake here! Don't judge anyone's mistake!

5 gallon
One betta
10 gallon
Two bettas, divided
Three mystery snails
20 gallon
Seven female bettas
Four oto cats
Five juvenile female guppies
One goldfish (temporary)
29 gallon
One dwarf gourami
Six tiger barbs

27 fish....
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Well the most notable that comes to mind was my first Betta that I purchased myself and Doctor Who fan's will get the irony of this. He was a solid red CT, beautiful young boy that I named Gallifrey and well I had him for a week and Saturday came, time for his very first water change!

Well, the water felt nice and warm to me! I conditioned it, let it sit for about fifteen minutes and noticed the temp wasn't reading on the thermometer, I checked it with my hands, still felt warm. So I figured "Eh, why not" and I netted Gallifrey and put him in, he instantly flared up and stopped moving. I freaked out and scooped him back up and into his other bowl but it didn't save him.

The water ended up being a good 110-115 degree's....whoops! I learned from it though! So...Gallifrey burned...

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I have made about three serious mistakes that I still regret to this day.

First mistake, I didn't quarantine and shared equipment between tanks thus leading to an outbreak of velvet that about a year on I am still seeing the ramifications of. I have had to euthanise a lot of valuable fish because of my own stupidity.

Second mistake was that I didn't use cling wrap to cover the tanks of my wild bettas, and I lost probably more than a dozen fish (some were juveniles so they committed suicide en masse) because of it. I lost my first ever pair of Betta persephone because they jumped and to say I was devastated would have been an understatement.

Third mistake is that I wasted so much money on fish, equipment etc. that in a few months time I wouldn't need or would be bored with and it would invariably end up sold or given away. I don't even want to think about how much money I have basically thrown away on this hobby.I wish I'd set up a plan a year earlier and only purchased what I needed rather than impulse buy.

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I was doing a water change and filling a 5g bucket up with water. The phone rings and its an old friend. Talking away when I suddenly realize 5 minutes later the water was running. You would not believe how much water can flood a kitchen in 5 minutes. The whole family was angry and what a mess.
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Over the years:
Ran a few tanks dry.
Ran a tanks over.
Blew up a few heaters.
Went 28 days with off power, with 4000 gallon of water and no back-up generator.(Fix that)
Had one tank blow out and fire, but that wasn't my fault.

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Letting the water level get low on one of my kritter keepers which caused my heater to heat the water up high enough to kill one of my bettas.

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Overfed my old betta - one teaspoonful of fish flakes per meal because he looked "hungry"
WC without water conditioner or letting water sit 24hrs
Didn't quarantine plants etc
Dropped Hiko behind the TV stand while trying to transfer him
Transferred Lark from plastic bag - he got stuck in the plastic bag after all the water got poured in his tank

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I bought a pair if bettas husband at the local store(another reason i will not go back but that is another story there) and a divided tank. Got home and the tank leaked on both sides so i thought it would be ok in a wine glass till we were able to go to walmart the next morning( yes we have a normal walmart that closes at 10pm). Well the next morning one jumped out and was on the floor. At the time idk they jumped and were in open jars at the store so o just assumed it would be ok. We got a new tank for the other to have him die the following day. When we got them they looked little sick and we went back to the pet store and all the betta were gone something in water but nothing done right back the tank and the one betta( one who didn't Jump). I didn't get another betta for 3yrs and now i hope to do everything right.
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mine was not scrapping one of my heaters after it cooked the first victim. my betta was on its last fins,I put him in a qt tank and raised the temp. it cooked him to end his life. I tested the heater son after and it passed the test on low range.

only the fact it worked well to a certain adjustment. fast forward to Zaku Cambodian round tail. his 1g QT was 26c so I bumped it up a bit to hit 28c. the darn heater decided to overheat again. was totally unaware of it until I got back. some dirt/obstruction???? made the heater over heat after passing a certain adjustment. worst part was heater worked on the low adjustment range but overheated after it passed a certain setting. I cut the darn cable after to scrap that broken heater.

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Mine was probably accidentally killing three of my most valuable females with food safe cups that obviously leeched something into the water.

Not being careful enough with cross contamination was also a mistake, but luckily i realized I had to change my habits before anything really bad happened.
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