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Originally Posted by Strawberry12 View Post
husky shiba inus which are CUTE but oh my god those personalities do not and should not go together. At all.
That sounds like a nightmare personality-wise. Geez. Agreed that those two dogs do not mix. I adore the look of the Shiba Inu and I wish I could handle one, but from what I hear about their general temperament, they are not for me. And then to throw the traits from a husky in that too...Really, what are people thinking?

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Well now I've learned something new about how the poodle designer breeds started. Interesting! I had always heard that it was to counteract all the health effects from inbreeding, since poodles are supposedly one of the healthier pure-bred dogs.

So if you wanted a Yorkie with less predisposition to, say, liver shunt disease, then you would breed a Yorkie with a poodle to make it healthier but still mostly a Yorkie.

I have found that the poodle personality comes out no matter what kind of dog you breed it with--so you'd better like the poodle personality. Also, the one poodle we've ever owned has seizures and liver shunt disease, as well as un-descended testicles that had to be removed. He has the most health issues of all the pure-bred dogs we've ever owned. Kinda debunks the "poodles are healthier" theory.
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Well THAT is interesting. Never have I ever heard one certain purebred dog is healthier than the rest. If anything, the healthiest dog out there are feral, breed-less dogs all over the streets in Southeast Asia. Seriously they can eat anything, get exposed to whatever, and still heals right up with minimum care. Totally don't hurt them intentionally though :)

In another note: I'm very busy this week. I have night shifts on Saturday and Sunday. I wish I can grow money on trees!

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LoWe probably should move this to the other pets thread, but, dogs are my main area of expertise.
Feral populations of dogs are genetically healthier than made breeds because genetic diseases weaken the individual and they don't survive long enough to reproduce and pass on those lethal genes. Poodles, and a lot of other breeds are genetic nightmares because of over breeding of unhealthy individuals. When a breed gets popular every Tom Dick and Harry jumps in to breeding with nothing but profits in mind. If you stick to a reputable breeder that chooses high quality, health tested stock, and continues to eliminate bad genetics in their breeding program you will end up with a healthy beautiful pet, coupled with good nutrition and the animal may cost you more at the initial purchase, {breeding responsibly is expensive!} But you won't be spending tens of thousands on hip replacements, eye and seizure medications etc..
Mutts are not healthier, there's no such thing as hybrid vigor in domestic dogs, they're all the same species and genre, so if you cross a poodle with seizures and progressive retinal atrophy to a golden retriever with hip displaysia you're going to end up with a sickly, seizure prone, blind, crippled pet!

I swear

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I have a project due today at midnight that I've been spinning my wheels at for hours and getting nowhere and I have another project due tomorrow that I've barely started and I have to finish taking the HIPPA required class/validation test by tomorrow and I haven't been able to work enough on my Senior Project AT ALL because all of these other classes and I really just packed this semester too too full but I had too if I want to graduate this semester, which should feel great, but I have absolutely nothing lined up for after I graduate and I don't even have enough time to eat or sleep let alone fight against all the way more talented and driven and experienced graduates for a job and I'm going to end up unemployed and living off my mother forever.

I'm so tired. I should get back to work.

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Hey now. College is stressful. Nobody doesn't know that. Just because you're slipping behind this time doesn't mean you're doomed forever. All those way more talented and driven and experienced graduates probably feel the exact same way you feel right now. It's every college student's biggest fear: will I ever find a job? You're not alone. Just do your absolute best. Talk to an academic advisor and see if you can get things worked out. Good luck x

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Noooo!!! I just realised I left my BBS eggs in the cupboard rather than the fridge. We only had one hot day, but last time I had my eggs in the cupboard and it got hot, the hatch rate went down to about 10%.

BBS eggs are so expensive here, so not really something I want to be replacing.

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Aw LBF I so wish I can ship you stuff :( I still can't believe those numbers on pet supplies price in Australia. I looked up BBS hatchery kit last night. The San Francisco Bay one is something like $15...

(( my turn ))

USPS website updated the delivery date of one of my fosters. Says he's gonna be delivered Saturday instead (one day late). I was about to tell the adopter when she told me she just checked tracking and the fish is already delivered. I told her it's delayed, but then checked again. She's right, the site said "delivered". *** But the adopter did not see him ***

I was about to rain some hell on my post office when the adopter finally found the fish sitting on the neighbor's porch. By that time it's been 5 hours since the delivery time stamp. But King (the Betta) is not only alive, he's flaring and swimming about. Talking about heart attack!!

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Things are going badly at work. The store I teach at is moving. It shouldn't have been an issue. We're moving a few doors down in the same plaza, so no distance issue. And the teachers were hearing whispers of a move in October. If that's when it was getting to us, it's a safe bet the management knew even earlier. So, you'd think that would be plenty of time to sort things out in the new location, if management had gotten right on top of signing the new lease and getting permits for construction.


We have to be out on Monday. We have no permits, so no lesson rooms have been constructed in the new place. Apparently, there's some issue with the people who previously held the lease, so now even if we did have rooms, we couldn't move in. That store's been out of the shopping center for over a year. So why are we just learning this now? Who knows! But, long story short, we have to be out. It'll be probably another month before we have an adequate facility to teach in.

So, what's the solution?

The lease issue is largely the landlord's fault, because the hang up with the closing was between the landlord and the store that was previously there. Nothing to do with us. So, the landlord has granted us access to three empty stores on the other end of the plaza. Big. Whoop. We still have no lesson rooms. Management's solution? Oh! We'll make "rooms" out of short cubicle partitions that don't even reach eye level and stacked boxes!

If this was an office job, fine. Whatever. We could manage.

But these are music lessons. Without actual rooms, there's no barrier to keep out the noise from all the other lessons going on throughout the store. So I'll be teaching piano, and trying to talk to students. Except, we'll have to contend with hearing numerous other lessons going on around us. Plus, we're not all in the same building. I have students who are learning two instruments, so have a lesson with another teacher right before their lesson with me. But I'm in a different building than their other teacher. So instead of walking across the hall, they're going to have to run between buildings to get to their next lesson. And there are going to be siblings taking lessons in different buildings, which is a hassle for parents.

And to make things more complicated, there are teachers who are just refusing to deal with this. For the month of February, they're having students go to their houses or a space they've rented elsewhere. Which, fine. I understand why that option sounds better to them. But I have a student whose brother usually takes lessons at the same time as him. His brother's teacher is teaching out of her house in February. His mom can't get him to me and his brother to the other teacher at the same time if we're teaching in totally different locations. I have three students in a situation like this.

And it's really stressing me out, because if we can't work this out, it means I'm losing income for the month. I don't fault students who don't want to deal with this mess. If I were their parents, I wouldn't want to spend my money on lessons in a totally inadequate facility. I totally understand. But that doesn't change the fact that it means I'll be losing income that I expected to have.

Plus, is management talking to parents about this, since they're the ones orchestrating all of this? Nope! That falls to the teachers, who have no control over the situation. So who's going to get yelled at by parents who are frustrated about inadequate facilities, or angry because I can't schedule make-ups for missed lessons until March, because we have no leeway in terms of space? Me. The teachers are going to be the ones getting the brunt of all the confusion, anger, frustration, etc.

It's just not a good situation. And I found out all of this yesterday. We're starting lessons in this ridiculous new set-up Monday. So it's not like we have any time to really talk about this and figure things out with families with multiple kids or students taking lessons with multiple teachers. This was kind of dumped on us at the last minute. And this is right after Thursday, when management told us that there was a hang-up, but the landlord was going to let us stay in our current location for a bit longer, so there was nothing to worry about. I literally went from being told not to worry because everything was fine to coming in to a complete mess the very next day.

I'm incredibly stressed and unhappy about it.

So, I'm in a rather foul mood. My dad asked what was wrong. And then he insinuated that I'm just being a primma donna and the only reason I'm unhappy about a cubicle is the smaller space. That's not it! If we had real rooms, but my room was a bit smaller than what I used to have? Fine! Whatever. That's not a problem. The issue is that this kind of set-up isn't adequate for music lessons. Plus, we're switching to mostly electric keyboards for now, because logistically acoustics just won't work in this set-up. But, these buildings used to be a Subway and a Sleepy's. So how is this going to work? It's not like there are tons of outlets all over the place. How are we going to work this out with guitars that need amps and keyboards that need to be plugged in? Are we just going to have tons of extension chords all over the place? Or what?

My issue isn't about size. It's not that the new space isn't luxurious enough. It's that the space just isn't adequate for what we need. And that we were given literally no notice. And that I'm definitely going to be losing at least some of my students for the month--perhaps permanently. And that management isn't helping us talk to people and is just leaving us on our own to deal with unhappy people when we had nothing to do with setting this up and frankly don't know enough about how this is going to work to answer any questions they might have.

The situation's stressing me out. And it makes me crazy that my family has to minimize my problems and act like I'm being totally unreasonable for being stressed. My dad complains at me about his job. I don't tell him to shut up and deal with it. My sister complains at me about her job. I don't tell her to shut up and deal with it. But apparently everyone else is allowed to be unhappy with their jobs, but the moment an issue comes up with mine, it's a non-issue, I'm just being whiny, and I should suck it up.

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Is there an echo on here or is it just me

I would just quit these dumb facebook groups, but I like to see the pics. But of course there are the "Masters" who know EVERYTHING, and just cannot shut up. They aren't helping anyone, they just HAVE to put down anyone else's answer.


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