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We pay $125 a month for our health insurance (that the government requires us to have here in the US.
Well now I have to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Which is $500 without insurance and my insurance is only going to cover $160 of the cost. Like really?? What the chickens is the clucking point of this insurance?!?

It's not like this is some optional cosmetic surgery, or something that is is any way my fault.
My body was just like HEY let's make an extra tooth that there is no room for and send it in sideways so it breaks another tooth!

Health insurance in the US is a scam. We could seriously have taken all the money we pay
pay them and put it into saving and actually be able to cover our medical costs.

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I don't rant often but when I do ...Ticks

Hate , hate, hate , and triple hate + a billion = die you little basturds

Not even ticks want to miss with tiny hippo ... In your worse nightmares maybe !

Did I mention how much I hate ticks

Be afraid be very afraid ticks !!!!!


Remember the Light at the end of the tunnel may be You.

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I HATE ticks too. I hate bugs, epsically ticks.
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This is Sim relted, but maybe someone might be able to understand.

Someone is making horses and trading them for points on DA. Well I had one put on hold for me until I could get the points, I was finally able to get to the bank and put money in, when I come home I see someone else has sent the person trading said horse a message and the points for the horse. The horse was listed as 'on hold' for me and now I'm wondering if I just wasted my money to get points for a horse I won't even be getting. Not only that I just got told that what this person is doing is actually illegal. So now I'm all confused but still massively PO if I don't get that horse. So whose gonna give me back my money :l

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I just found somebody who has assassin snails in Australia and is willing to sell me 2 ........................... For $160 AUD
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People--especially women--should realize that it's not okay to go up to a random person and ask if they're pregnant. I went to Starbucks yesterday and was waiting for my drink, perfectly content to mind my own business. And then a random woman comes up to me and asks "When's the baby due?" Excuse me? I'm not pregnant. When I said so, her response was "Oh, well your top just really looks like a maternity top." Really? First I look like a cow, and now my sense of style sucks, too? Are we really going to keep digging this hole deeper?

I picked up my drink, went to my car and started crying. And then ended up throwing out most of my drink later because I didn't even want it anymore. And then I ended up needing to go buy make-up so I wouldn't walk into work with a red, blotchy face. I managed to fake a smile for the kids at work, get through choir without murdering anyone, and then went home and drank.

Just why? Even if I were pregnant, this was just some random lady in line at Starbucks. Never seen her before in my life, and hope to never see her again. It wouldn't have been any of her business anyway. And as if I'm not insecure enough to begin with! I'm not a confident person. But lately, I've been feeling a bit better about myself. Not that I totally love my body, but I kind of reached a point of "Well, it's not great. But it's mine, and it isn't that bad." And occasionally I even feel kind of pretty. Nope! Apparently it actually is that bad and I've just been fooling myself. It's been a while since I've felt this bad.

But I just don't get why anyone would think that's an okay question to ask. I don't talk to people in line period. But if you need to make small talk for whatever reason, how about the weather? Or whatever song happens to be playing, or some sports team of your choosing? I'm shy and not very social, so I don't much like talking to random people anyway, but at least that way the worst case scenario is some awkwardness and mild irritation.

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I hope she had the decency to apologize to you once she realized her awful mistake! I know it's hard, but don't let her change how YOU feel about YOU. You said you had been feeling more confident lately... Don't let some random person who knows NOTHING about you change that. You know your worth! There's so much more to us than our physical appearance - and as women, we should be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down! *hugs*

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It's extremely worrying when I see a member who doesn't use heaters and plans on breeding...
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Originally Posted by Engel View Post
It's extremely worrying when I see a member who doesn't use heaters and plans on breeding...
I havent used a heater for my last spawns...didnt need to. If you have a heated room or live in a tropical place you dont need one

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*Throws Dyson DC-23 down stairs*

I am so sick of using this unwieldy piece of junk. I think the only testing done on this vacuum was in a bare room with no doors.

One day soon it will smash into my bare feet, tangle its hose up onto itself, or get stuck in a doorway, for the last time.

I just want a vacuum I can pull around without feeling like I've challenged it to a game of tug-of-war, and when I push that little grey button to retract the power cord, that cord had better not drag its feet on its way back in.
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