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Sorry you have been thru so much with your dad. My dad was not the kindest and it still affects how I interact. I think that's why I like my snails because I can be super out going and personable but then the minute something stirs me wrong I pop in the shell. And yet what you experienced is so much worse. I applaud you for being able to seek justice and I hope because you are doing that you have long since realized you didn't deserve that and did nothing wrong.

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JawsandChess (08-23-2016)
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I'm soft spoken so a lot of times people don't hear what I'm saying correctly. Today a co worker thought I told him "you're terrible!" I didn't get it until it was too late and was wondering why he looked hurt. I would never say something so mean lol. I ended up figuring it out and explaining to him that he misheard me and told him what I actually said. Has anyone ever misheard you? Or you misheard something that sounded funny?

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Definitely. In high school, I was in the locker room and one of the younger grade girls usually hugs me as a greeting. But I was particularly extremely sweaty that day and I said "don't hug me! I'm sweaty!!" And she looked so offended. I think she thought I said she's sweaty... That was the last time we spoke. XD

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I told you guys that my little poodle got her tail shut in the door. If things go wrong we are going to have to have to have her tail docked :/ I'm waiting to see if it heals correctly

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Court went well. I had a little fright because my dad changed so much and I didn't remember how he looked or how he sounded like, so I freaked a bit and thought about crying, but it all went well...I was expecting him to say sorry when he had the opportunity, but he didn't say anything.

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^I'm glad court went well for you! But it is disheartening to read your dad didn't apologize.
I do understand that disappointment though, I was abused emotionally by my dad, my parents are separated, it's been almost a year since they separated, he never really took the time of effort to create a relationship with me, and actually did more damage when he would try, since he really had no clue. I'm trying to heal from that emotional abuse, I definitely think that he could be a part of the reason I am so shy, and have troubles opening up to people, but it never really affected my relationship with guys, I may have a hard time trusting right away, but I know that there is someone out there meant for me, but interacting with people in general is pretty shaky, I'm like you Autumn, I am so soft spoken, no one can ever hear me, I always want to just slide back into a shell, and have someone else deal with things for me. Anyway, now that he's our of our house, he tries to text me every week, he sends me cards around holidays (which is sweet, I have to admit), I got a random card with $20 in it today (which is going to help me out with the things I need for my boys), he writes these mushy things in it, I am not sure how to feel about it really..
Geeze I ramble, hahaha
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fernielou (08-26-2016)
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Court yesterday: I saw my dad for the first time in /294/ days, and I didn't recognize him. The only thing that tipped me off that it was in fact my father was the way he stood (shifting his weight every now and again, changing which leg he stood on, etc) and when he confirmed his name. Turns out, /he/ remembers the "first" time he did sexual acts to me, and he knew it to the hour of the day. All I remember was it was 2006 and in the pool. He said he did it for his own pleasure. I wanted to cry then, but I didn't cry. I stared at the back of his head. I wanted him to know I was staring at him.
My mom sat beside me, and beside her was my brother. Behind me was my counselor (who didn't bring snacks, omg, she lied to me), my mom's friend (with the same name), my pastor's wife, and my pastor. Across from me in the other row of pews was my grandma, my uncle, and behind them was everyone we met "the first day", or the day I went to Shining Star for the first time.
My victim impact statement was read by my counselor after my mom read hers.
My dad said nothing, even when he was given a chance to speak. He said "not at this time", which suggests he had a lot going through his head at that time.
The judge applauded me afterwards for my strength and said a few things in my impact statement jarred him a little bit. He described them as "scary".
My grandma and uncle (both in tears) hugged me and mom. Before we all trooped down, my pastor said a prayer.
And the assistant state's attorney said he was going to buy my book as soon as it hit the shelves (assuming I can actually get it written) XD

I'm just so very glad it's over. After 294 days freaking out and worrying and holding it in, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief...it's finally over!
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Good for you, @JawsandChess ! I hope it helped give you some closure.
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JawsandChess (08-26-2016)
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good for you, Jaws and Chess. I hope you can leave as much of his crap in the past as you can and leave the future open for yourself and what you want to surround yourself with.
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@JawsandChess I'm so glad it's done with! I hope you can fully heal now and move past the awful things that were done to you. Your future is looking bright!

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