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The problem with Clio is she's incredibly weak-nerved (a lot of her barking stems from her reacting to noises etc.) and it seems like unless she knows and understands that the correction is coming from a human, she has the tendency to freak out. My concern is that she would go out into the yard, start barking, get a shock or spray in the face, not understand why it has happened, and then not want to go out into the yard because of it.

She is extremely intelligent and a super quick learner. However, I always say she suffers from canine ADHD. She is hyperactive and has a very short attention span. You basically have to force her to be calm by either crating her, or putting her on a leash and making her sit or lay next to you. All physical exercise does with her is makes her fitter and more difficult to tire out, so it's all about mental stimulation with her. She has got better, but just now I've had to crack out the puzzle toy because she was wandering around downstairs barking for no reason whatsoever.

I feel like I'm living the 'So you think you want to own a high drive puppy' videos. Except Clio doesn't even have the benefit of having high food or toy drive that I could take advantage of with training. Coupled with her reactivity and what seems like a need to engage in constant battles of the wills, she can be a hard dog to live with, even though I love her as much as she exasperates me.

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I am fuming. So, I have been waiting until I have money so that I could purchase this female koi betta on aquabid. I have had my eye on her for such a long time! I was planning to sell some shoes and my moms friends wants me to babysit plus I have a birthday coming up and I always get money. I was waiting so I could get this girl. My mom starts talking to my dad and she tells me to show him the betta that I had wanted. I went to find her and someone placed a freaking bid on her. I showed her to my parents and my dad, like always rolled his eyes. I was asking my mom if she could please get her for me and then my parents were like no, no more fish. And then I said I was getting baby sitting jobs,selling my stuff and getting my birthday money and that I would pay for this fish. I only want female bettas for my sorority. Since lux turned out to be a male, that leaves 3 females. You can't have a sorority of 3 female bettas. That's why I want more girls. And my dad goes "No, no more fish no more tanks." And I said "It will be my money, I'll do what I want with it." Then he says he would just flush the fish down the toilet or feed them to the cats. Seriously? I am the one who cleans the tanks. I am the one who feeds them. I am the one who makes sure they're happy and healthy. I take care of them and nobody else. So why do you care? Seriously. He doesn't even come into my room. Also, everyone makes fun of me for loving my fish. My moms friends think I am extremely weird and my dad thinks I'm annoying. LET ME FREAKING BE. I am not hurting you. I'm not killing you. So what's it freaking matter!? I have no friends because my mom wont LET ME. I have literally been kept in solitary confinement for 2 years! I understand the first 1 1/2 but 2 years!?!? What am I supposed to be interested in? I have no social life. This website is the only social interaction that I have. And it really sucks. Thank god I will turn 18 soon because things are going to change reeeeeeal quick. I am so unbelievably tired of people making me feel like crap because I like fish. I get it. You can't pet them. They can't lick you or jump all over you when you walk up to them. But so what? I love them. And maybe if I wasn't kept locked up in my house 24/7 I would have other interests. Seriously. It's the worse feeling when people make you feel like crap for something you love. I'm so angry! I just don't understand. They just don't understand that you cannot put 3 females together! I'm not making it up as an excuse to get more bettas LOOK IT UP. Geez I am just so mad.
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I'm sorry your parents are so clueless about the fish.

Being interested in, and fascinated by fish is not weird. Really. (Of course, here I am on the fish forum, so you know I'm not exactly unbiased). Look at the stuff supposedly "normal" people are interested in.... Fashion? Pu-leeze. I mean, either you look good, or you don't. One day, flats and bell-bottoms are in, the next, 5-inch platform heels and hip-huggers. I wear what I like, what is comfortable and fits my body shape, in the colors I like, and don't give two whoops about what everybody else is wearing... except sometimes to express astonishment at how impractical some garment is.

What the "hottest" Hollywood star is doing or saying... the latest trend in "must-have" widgets... watching grown men paid to chase around balls... why should an interest those things be considered "normal" and fish-keeping not?
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Kudos to you, Hopefish. Loved that post; I feel the same way.
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I like fish too and I am thinking it is okay. I too am on fish forum so I might not be unbiased. I love my bettas and want to spoil them.

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I just got my betta food from Amazon today. It was such a big ordeal as the ups delivery guy came at night. I was told not to go out to get my package as there might be bad people out there. I was just going to open the door and grab my box and close the door. All this fuss over a package of betta food is crazy to me.

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Fish caretaker for twenty some years, but still a newbie at somethings.

Also looking for a free 3d model of a betta fish to use to make my avatar.
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So a non-fish rant I just thought I would put out into the universe.

Picked up an extra shift at work. My hours generally vary by day but will always be between 10-12 hour shifts. So I get an entire day of overtime (yippee!) which is always appreciated. However, I was only supposed to be working this schedule until our other kennel tech was back from maternity leave (which would be up this next week). She had a c-section though so she gets (and rightfully so) 8 weeks disability leave.

The spring semester started in January, the same week my extra shifts began. Only taking 4 classes (online, no time for in person) but they are requirements for the veterinary technology program I'm trying to get in to. I feel like I'm getting burnt out, and I really need to ace these classes. Just looked at our March schedule earlier this week, and I'm scheduled to work overtime through the entire month, even though they never asked if I'd still be willing to do so.

Just trying to decide if the overtime pay is worth all the stress/loss of sleep. I even dream I'm still at work every night. I also don't look forward to all the flack I'm going to get from our head tech (she is in charge of shift schedules) if I tell her I can't keep working all these extra shifts. I know lots of people work multiple jobs while attending school, so I feel like I shouldn't complain, but it's really getting difficult. I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night worried about a certain dog or did I forget this or did I check off this dosage, etc. I just need to make a decision soon.

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How do I even start!? I broke things off with Dustin because a friend we shared told me so many different things(from him sleeping with another girl) to other things. I didn't even confront Dustin about any of these accusations because I was just so torn apart about him sleeping with another girl.

Well guess what I found out a few days ago... The friend was LYING about EVERYTHING! Oh my gosh I was just so pissed at him! . When things I thought were true didn't add up it really hurt me, from when Dustin said he really liked me to when he actually said he loved me. That's what confused me the most with being told the 'truth'. But I also thought that it was because he was just telling me things to get closer to me.

Everything was proven wrong on Friday last week when I hung out with him at the park. It was warm so we goofed off and climbed a tree, I was distant from him that day and I apologized to him about it and he said it was fine, but he was still so close to me, kissing my cheek and hugging me tightly. That's what hurt me the most is that he wanted to keep the antics up until I sent him screenshots of the conversations between me and his friend and he told me everything. Monday came and it was like chilly but still warm, we went to the park again(our natural hang out spot apparently) I sat on a table and he held my hands hugged me and kissed me and we just talked about everything. Everything his friend told me was a lie and it just fueled my rage even more at his friend than ever before.
His friend only lied to me because he(the friend) wanted to hook up with me which HA would never happen because he smokes, I mean Dustin does too but the scent never carries on him.
This was a rant with a happy ending basically, I'm starting to open myself up again to Dustin and we're slowly fixing what was broken between us.
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Originally Posted by ThatFishThough View Post
... Okay, let's be honest. Who would buy 100+ bettas, ranging $2.99 to $25.99 for a craft project? I guess I'm just making excuses.
someone making really bad decisions for their wedding.
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i'm so annoyed because i decided to buy some IAL from etsy. they were cheap and i had enough so i went for it. anyway i bought those on Febuary 8th. it is now March 1st and i still haven't gotten them. the tracking number also stops working apparently as soon as the package enters the U.S. it entered in New York on Feb 15th. i live in NC and it does not take another 2 weeks to get from NY to NC. so like, where is my package?? i'm going to get a refund if it takes much longer. i already bought and was shipped several other things for my new setup in the time i've been waiting for my IAL (including my filters, my pump, and my stand).

on the bright side my pump arrived today + in that package also arrived some crinkly catnip toys i ordered. my cats are having a blast nibbling on them.

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