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I have a cursed tank ,I've just lost my 3rd betta in this tank in less than 12 months - It's a 20 litre planted tank ,(the most heavily planted of all my tanks), heated and filtered and all the water parameters are fine But any fish I've put in it have died...

Losing Ziggy was the last straw with this tank ,I'm removing all the plants and going to use them to plant a 40 litre I've had sitting around for awhile and once that's done I'm going to do an exorcism on the 20 then Burn it so no other fish can be harmed by this evil tank...

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Are you getting your fish from the same source, maybe that is part of the issue? How quickly are they dying once introduced to the tank? Could there be something in the tank leaching toxins that your test kits can't pick up?

I wanted to try and start doing the 'Look At That' game with Clio. Except, I forgot that we have done so much work on her maintaining eye contact while I wave my arms around that she refuses to break eye contact, and the more I try to get her attention, you can see the more determined she is to keep staring at me.

So now I have to get her to understand that these are two different things I'm asking of her.

Meanwhile I've been really slack with her training lately, and it shows. Her heeling has gotten sloppy, and she's gone back to being slow on her drops when given a verbal only cue. She's also blowing her stays.

We are taking her to a show tomorrow (just for socialisation/training purposes not to actually be entered) and I just have this feeling she's going to go into Clio brat mode. I've never lived with such a hard-headed, argumentative dog. Every time you ask her to do something, you can just see the cogs turning in her brain as she works out what she's getting out of it by obeying. It feels like I'm dealing with the canine version of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I've lived with someone (my brother) who was diagnosed with this as a child, and I swear this is Clio:

  • Have frequent temper tantrums (happens on a daily basis when she is not allowed to do something)
  • Argue frequently with adults (replace adults with 'owners')
  • Refuse to obey rules
  • Seem to deliberately try to annoy or aggravate others (she will literally pester dogs by licking/biting/annoying them until they snap)
Biddability is definitely what I will be looking for in our next dog!
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So, my mom, my brother, and I are in Chipotle. Having a good time, talking eating, the usual. I look over and I see these 2 girls in line with their phone faced towards me so I thought "Oh probably taking a selfie" NOPE. That flash went off and I almost lost my marbles. Immediately they looked at me saying "Oh crap haha!" I can't explain my rage of gosh. I have never shot daggers at someone so hard in my life. When they saw me looking, their smiles completely went away and they looked like they were about to piss themselves. I looked at my mom and was like "Those girls are taking pictures of me or us" and she turned around and one of the girls, sounding like she was going to passout was like "Sorry that wasn't at you!" OH REALLY!? THEN WHO!? THE SODA MACHINE!!?! The only thing we were near was the soda machine. That's it. Nothing else. I mean, I didn't expect it because they didn't look like they typical mean girls. I hate pictures ESPECIALLY when it's by someone whose taking them while I'm not aware. It was kind funny because they were so scared I was going to get up and say something, which by the way, I would have if I wasn't with my family, just to save them from the stress lmaao. I'm not someone who ever fights but this really pissed me off. Like seriously? You think that you can take a picture of me and I wont notice? You think I wont pay attention when that flash goes off and I KNOW IT ISN"T A SELFIE!?!? What? Is it because my hair was messy? Sorry. We just came from a friends house and I was playing with A 3 MONTH OLD BABY of course my hair is gonna be messy!!!! Is it because I'm wearing a boys hoodie? IT'S MY BROTHERS. It's comfy!!!! Is it because I was picking garnish out of my teeth?? Probably. Is it because I was blinking my eyes hard and making weird eye movements? SORRY I HAVE MAKEUP IN MY EYES and they burn!!!!!!!! We went to the bathroom, washed our hands, and I have never given someone such a dirty look before oh my goodness. They both looked at me like they were gonna die. Oh well. I shouldn't be so mad. Probably wont ever see them again. Man I'm so mad though.

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Originally Posted by Irislya View Post
So a non-fish rant I just thought I would put out into the universe.

Picked up an extra shift at work. My hours generally vary by day but will always be between 10-12 hour shifts. So I get an entire day of overtime (yippee!) which is always appreciated. However, I was only supposed to be working this schedule until our other kennel tech was back from maternity leave (which would be up this next week). She had a c-section though so she gets (and rightfully so) 8 weeks disability leave.

The spring semester started in January, the same week my extra shifts began. Only taking 4 classes (online, no time for in person) but they are requirements for the veterinary technology program I'm trying to get in to. I feel like I'm getting burnt out, and I really need to ace these classes. Just looked at our March schedule earlier this week, and I'm scheduled to work overtime through the entire month, even though they never asked if I'd still be willing to do so.

Just trying to decide if the overtime pay is worth all the stress/loss of sleep. I even dream I'm still at work every night. I also don't look forward to all the flack I'm going to get from our head tech (she is in charge of shift schedules) if I tell her I can't keep working all these extra shifts. I know lots of people work multiple jobs while attending school, so I feel like I shouldn't complain, but it's really getting difficult. I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night worried about a certain dog or did I forget this or did I check off this dosage, etc. I just need to make a decision soon.

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Speaking from experience of when I committed myself to too many things while taking a heavy classload... be kind to yourself and ease into working fewer hours. If you are having nightmares you are at work, waking up at night because your brain can't stop thinking about the dogs, and being sleep deprived, it's not worth it. You tried your best to accommodate their needs, but ultimately you are also a student trying to get training (to be an even better employee) and that requires your effort also. Hopefully if you give them plenty of notice that you will be transitioning back to your old schedule so that you can pass your classes, they will be understanding. It may help to frame it as "my class is going over [such and such topic relating to this job, so I feel like once I learn [this] I will be able to perform this [work-related task] or solve this [work-related problem] better." Sometimes employers only understand if you frame it as a benefit to them.

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I'm in trouble at work again. It's a very awkward situation. I guess I'm sort of glad it came to light as it was just getting more complicated. Unfortunately, now a co-worker is involved and she LOVES to make things difficult. I mean she once sent the boss an email about something I forgot to do at work. I timed myself doing the task -- it took a whopping 7 seconds! Ten seconds if you take your time. It wasn't a critical application. How long did it take her to send the email? It's not like she never forgets anything at work.

But I digress... for the past 2-3 weeks I have been really struggling with my anxiety/depression and finally this morning I felt better (despite the fact that I may have to cancel two trips I've been planning), and now this call from my boss... I feel like beating my head against the desk. Can't I do anything right?
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I found a posting on Craigslist for 3 tanks - a 20, a 30, and a 72 gallon for FREE. I emailed the person almost immediately, and after three days they finally get back to me and say the tanks are taken. I'm pretty disappointed, because I potentially have two females coming to me this week (definitely one, but possibly two). Of course, with only two, it's not enough for them to live together. I did pick up a cheap ten gallon this evening, but it looks like I might have to get a tank divider until I can get enough females. My understanding with sororities is that they all need to be introduced to the tank at the same time, though. So I'm not sure if it's ideal to keep two in the tank and then introduce more later. Unfortunately, I don't have the money this week to pick up any more females or more setups. Hopefully I can find some for cheap online, but I'm not overly hopeful.

Our community tank could handle more biomass, but not bettas. Everyone in there is too large, and there's even an oscar, so that's a flat-out NO. I'm trying to pick up some more web design work, but that's really catch as catch can. A lot of the projects I have right now are bartering projects, so there's not a lot of actual cash coming in at the moment. I'm hoping to redesign the site for my LFS in exchange for store credit, but that's not a done deal yet.
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I managed to stick myself in the ear with a yucca leaf earlier today. I hate yucca plants, and have been waiting for an excuse to get rid of these two, so today was the last straw.

I was in so much pain, I thought I'd perforated my ear drum. It's been throbbing on and off, so I'm hoping I haven't done any damage that is going to require a doctor's visit.

I took a saw to the yuccas, and they are now in the green waste bin.

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Attack of the Killer Yucca.
Die, evil plant, die!
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We still have one more I've been eyeing off. It's just fortunate it's tucked away in the corner where it's not a danger to anyone.

My rant for this morning, is that the Tasmanian Government keeps pushing to open hundreds of thousands of hectares of beautiful, old-growth forest for logging. Worse still, this forest is home to a number of endangered species, including a species of parrot that I believe is one of the most critically endangered species of bird in the world.

I cannot believe that it's the year 2017, and such wanton destruction of the environment continues. I mean it's not like we don't have vast tracts of cleared land in states like Victoria (it's depressing when you read the percentages of bushland, grassland, and wetlands that have been lost since white settlement) to establish plantations on.

It seems like in this country, if you are passionate about protecting and preserving what little natural environment we have left, you get written off as a 'Greenie' and your opinion means nothing. I am just thankful I live in a suburb where there's a lot of like-minded people.

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I unfortunately feel used again, though I am glad that it was just for a couple of weeks till everything started falling into place.

Dustin got in a relationship for a few days I thought it was referring to me because I know he asked me out a few months ago and he actually got an answer from me. This girl never answered him, and it wasn't until tonight that I found out that this girl is a girl who is dating another guy, so it makes sense, but wouldn't know why a guy would chase after a girl already taken.

Oh well I got closure on that and I am kinda bummed but it's to be expected in the end.

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The love of my life pretty much
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