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I'm all in all having a bad day... Nothing is going right, so much so I'm afraid to make cookies -_-
Got to bed way late, woke up before my alarm, but had too much stuff add up and I couldn't get my last order out to the post office, my house mate got stuck in traffic and couldn't make it to the post office either, so I wasted the heat pack, my PayPal has stopped transfer every time I get a new payment in meaning I might not have been able to afford shipping for the package anyway, my shipping tape vanished, I've spilled water on myself 3 times today, nearly face planted tripping over a blanket my daughter drug out, the light bulb for my brine shrimp hatchery blew, good note? Cory's spawned again bad news? Half of the eggs got eaten.

On top of this I feel woosy and kind of faint so I'm more irritable than usual X.x getting annoyed easier

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This is the downside of having extremely soft tap water. After testing the water in my goldfish tank with my brand new test kits, it looks like the pH has crashed, and is now sitting at around 6.4 (probably because I increased the amount of water changes I was doing) when it was sitting fairly stable at around 7.6 a few weeks back. Because of this, there's now .5ppm of ammonia. Fortunately no nitrite readings, although nitrates are slightly higher than 'ideal'.

I think I'm going to increase the amount of crushed coral in the filter, and start using Seachem Neutral Regulator when I do water changes again, to stop the pH from dropping so dramatically.

Of course this has to happen when I want to use some of the media from their tank to seed a new filter.

The poor goldfish. At least at such a low pH most of the ammonia will convert to ammonium, although I added a capful of Seachem Prime just to be safe.

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Sometimes, my friends take my phone just to look through the images to 'see if i have any juicy pictures'. It's really annoying, as most would imagine XD

My camera roll is jam packed with images of my betta because I like to keep a log so I can refer to a certain date if I notice a change in him.

When they see the images, all they seem to say is:

"why do you like fish so much? They're just fish."

"Maybe you should pay less attention to your fish and more to your real friends"

"Are you in love with your fish or something?"


It gets old after a little while, you know?
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I have almost 1,000 pictures of fish on my phone.


There are three guys at me school that I know... AH, JD, and JH.

AH is totally out of my league but we still talk; he's a swimmer, one of the best on the boys swim team, and is really nice. JD I *think* likes me but doesn't have the guts to tell me, and JH is super creepy and hits on all the girls in our grade... he asked me to a concert. ;-; I don't know what to say. Nobody talks to him; I talk to him out of pity. Then he wonders why he doesn't have a gf.


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Well if you think JD likes you and if you like him then take the initiative and ask him out! I really wish more girls would do this because there are a lot of guys like me who are just too shy for their own good. Plus when a girl asks a guy out it's a major boost to their self confidence and a blow to their worries that a girl will leave them and they in turn would be more likely to be faithful.

As for the other two, I don't believe in anyone being out of someone else's league; and while the other may seem creepy he may just be desperate or otherwise feel obligated and/or pressured to have a girlfriend at his age.
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ThatFishThough (04-01-2017)
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^^I completely agree!!

I think you should also give JH a chance, he may surprise you, and you 2 have a great time. Like TheKinetic said, he may just feel pressured, and not really know what to do, or how to get a girl to pay him some mind without being a flirt.

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ThatFishThough (04-01-2017)
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I also feel like JD would say "no.", though, even though I've known him pretty much since 3rd grade... Went to a different school for 4 years, then we both ended up transferring to the school were at now.

... JH told the most popular girl in the grade (very graphically) that they were going to get married and have kids. He also has... pictures....

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Dear Neighbours,
I love chickens and would dearly like to have some again some day. However, this does not mean I want your hens in our garden scratching up all the mulch. Our dog Clio has already gone through a window once, and nearly went through again this morning when one of your hens wandered past. Furthermore, it's not going to be pleasant for anybody when one of your chickens get into our backyard, or even the yard of the neighbour behind, and get themselves killed.
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Why do people ask for advice and then do what they want, anyway? Do they think we try to help because we have nothing else to do? Or just like to hear ourselves "talk?"

I've come to believe these people don't want advice; they want validation for poor habitat decisions.

Don't know about others but I sincerely thank them for letting me know; it will save me wasted time and effort. It will allow me to focus on those who really do wish to provide their aquatic responsibilities the best care possible.
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I know right? On another forum, the man was getting insulted because he wasn't liking what he was hearing and hasn't logged in since. He tried using you tube videos of severally grossly over stocked tanks as an example of making it work.

No point in giving advice if it's going to fall on death ears.

I drove to a small fish store over the weekend and visited my Aunt and cousins while I was there. I decided to test the nitrates in the tanks this morning. I bought a brand new API nitrate test kit. I went to shake it for the first time to find out it was half empty. I emailed the person I bought it from and explained to her I bought a half empty bottle from her.

Instead of apologizing and saying she would fix it. She is going to go and shake the bottles to prove the manufacture sends the bottles half full?

Are you kidding me? I have been using the API test kit for over ten years and I know the bottles do not come from the manufacture half full. She might as well call me a liar while she's at it.

The place is an hour and a half drive from my place so I'm not a happy camper.
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