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There's a Huntsman spider inhabiting my fish room that is engrossed in psychological warfare with me. I first spotted it a couple of days back, before it vanished completely. I was certain it was lurking somewhere ready to scare the bejesus out of me, but I couldn't find it even after a thorough search. Then last night it reappeared, up in the corner behind the door. This morning, it was gone again.

The trouble is, I don't want the cats to find it before I do, and kill it. But I need it to come further down the wall so I can catch it, as Huntsman spiders are not only big, they move fast, and it's terrifying enough to try and catch them when they are near the ground, let alone when you are precariously balanced on a step-ladder.

So I get to look forward to another day spent in the fish room, convinced the feel of my own hair is a spider crawling on me.
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I had a similar situation last week. I am absolutely terrified of spiders for literally no reason. One night when I went to bed, I noticed a small, harmless looking spider attached to the ceiling right above my head. I couldn't let go of the completely irrational idea that it was going to fall onto my head in the middle of the night and I was going to swallow it. I ended up just sleeping curled in a ball at the foot of my bed, waking up every few hours to check if it was still in the same place with a flashlight.

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I did find the spider in the end. It was hiding on the side of one my test kits. Fortunately, it stayed still long enough for me to catch and release it.

My bed used to be up against the wall, and once I woke up to find myself almost eyeball to eyeball with a Huntsman spider. I think there have been few occasions in my life that I have moved faster (the other times involved snakes or stinging insects).

Even though I know it makes no sense for a spider to just suddenly drop off the ceiling onto my head, I also can't shake the feeling that one is going to do so at some point in my life.

Worst are the Orb spiders in our garden. At certain times of the year, they build these giant webs that I invariably walk face first into.
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I came back to this forum just for this thread!

I moved a few months ago and this house is 100+ years old, not level, feels a wee bit unstable. Anyway, a week ago we had 2 decent sized earthquakes in one day. I wasn't in the house during them and didnt feel them, but I was told the house literally swayed back and forth. When I got home all fish (bettas, tetras, rainbow fish, pencilfish, etc) were injured in some way. Missing scales, torn fins, scrapes down their sides. My favorite betta, Spike, was propped up against plants and had minor tearing in his fins but seemed to be the least damaged. Turns out the damage was internal, probably from being slamed against the glass or wood. Cue loss of appetite, sudden inability to swim, seizures, and death. If any of you watch The King of DIY on YouTube, it was like Buddy dying but tiny fish version.

Now my giant betta, Stormy, seemed to be only externally damaged. Scales torn off his face, scratches down his sides, torn up fins. He looks like he went head first into rocks or glass for one earthquake and got dragged along rocks or gravel for the other one. I wasn't super concerned about any of that because healing up moderate external damage is pretty darn easy. Well, the next day he stopped eating and just hangs around the bottom of the tank. Hopefully he's just super stressed, but I doubt it. He doesn't even want bloodworms. All bettas want bloodworms. I've dealth with earthquakes before and the fish are annoyed, but this is the first time they've gotten seriously internally injured. I can't imagine how roughly the water in the tank is sloshing around if the entire house is swaying. Clearly it's violently enough to slam a fish into glass or decor hard enough to damage organs, or at least enough to cause them to jump, hit the lid, then freak out and hurt themselves further.

Fricken earthquakes are killing my fish and now I have to figure out how to do earthquake safe aquascapes that will minimize future damage. On the bright side, spending hours meticulously cutting the lids for a super tight fit really paid off. If I was lazy the floors probably would have been flooded.

SIP Spitfire, Dyson, and Spike
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I got in an internet fight with an old dude today about climate change. Like seriously? If you don't believe in something, don't join an online class about it and tell people who are actually trying to learn something they're wrong. I haven't eaten since 4 am, I have a headache, and I just want to learn/not die from pollution because selfish old men don't care about the 'lazy younger generations' ugh

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I lost a goldfish a while back. I went to replace him but the pet store only had juvenile goldfish. The new fish would be so small compared to my smallest current goldfish. I did not get the fish due to it being so small.

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Fish caretaker for twenty some years, but still a newbie at somethings.

Also looking for a free 3d model of a betta fish to use to make my avatar.
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Wanted to remind new members that this thread is in existence. If you feel like ranting about anything (except religion or politics), this is the place.

Even though it is not a sticky, it has always been treated as such and posting in it, even after a year, is not a violation of Rule #12 which applies to all other threads.

12. Do not resurrect old threads.
Do not post to a thread that has not received a reply in a year or more unless you are the original poster and wish to update. If you are not the original poster you must create a new thread but you may hyperlink the archived thread to continue an old discussion. Resurrected old threads will be closed. Also, please use "bumps" sparingly and do not bump your own thread unless a significant amount of time has passed without any response.

All other rules apply. I am linking them for your convenience should you need a refresher or on the slim chance you haven't already read them.


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I have a 14 hour work day ahead of me. As a student who's only worked eight hour days at most this is going to be dreadful. I woke up and hour before my alarm as well and could not fall back asleep. To some who have jobs like this, you're probably thinking shut up. However, I have two jobs that had the misfortune of overlapping severely.

Furthermore, this weekend we are flying my grandma in to visit. I will be working eight hours each day she is in town as well as I am working another 14 hour day the day we are suppose to pick her up from the airport. I would have asked for time off but my work is moving stores after renos and no one was allowed to take time off. (Well, we could obviously but vacations had to be scheduled a month in advance.) It's all good money for someone trying to build up her savings account but oh boy, ya girl is not ready for this.

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Hope you get to spend as much time as possible with your grandma.

Just think....One day you'll be retired and spend your time on Betta Fish.
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My 60-Year Aquarium and 53-Year Betta Addictions

If your dog thinks you are the greatest do not seek a second opinion
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Oh, jizz, that's a brilliant idea to create such a thread.
Have anybody any idea what to do to get rid of fleas?! We have kind of infestation at home and tried quite a lot. Our poor cat scratched her entire neck and partially her beck to bleed, we tried numerous shampoos and anti-flea drops, I've disinfected entire house three times (ones with a heavily toxic repellent and according to this we even temporarily moved out of the house for two days)... Guh. A lot of things. Things are harder cause our cat is prone to allergies and we are very careful with any food and any product with which our cat contacts... But damn fleas don't go away! Relief comes after big cleanings and baths but it does not sustain for too long and then everything begins anew. Poor creature cant heals caus flea bites aches and irritates her... I'm ready to restart anew, from the beginning, I even found a tutorial to follow, but it's a lot of work... I'm just tired and irritated and even have been bitten by those beasts myself (I didn't even know that they could bite a human till recently!!!)
*moans and whimps*
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