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Its too [censor] early/late and I ___

Share your non fully functioning oops-es you've had (or almost had and caught yourself) when sleepy and should be in bed/shouldn't be up yet/just don't want to wake up yet!
Remember kids are on this forum so keep it clean.

I feed my cory and otos right before bed, I keep cucumbers and a gel made plant food (Repashy Soilent Green) for them in the freezer.. one night I put the frozen food in a utensil drawer.. husband found it as I stumbled off to bed and put it in the freezer for me.

A few times when getting cereal I put the cereal in the fridge and the milk almost in the cabinet.. the heaviness of the milk is the only thing that catches me so I correct it (cereal is kept on a high shelf).

I've put hand soap on my tooth brush instead of toothpaste while still half asleep. I smelled the soap before it went in my mouth so no harsh wake up thankfully.

I've plain and simple face planted on the steps trying to go up before, legs just went "nope, we're done for the night" BOOM

One from my husband: one night he wanted something cold and sweet and went in the freezer for a popcicle. He pulled out the Hikari cubed blood worms (he thought it was a 'lil popsicle like pop'em thing) I stopped him after it was out of the package before he got it in his mouth and had a nasty realization.

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Accidentally nearly eating frozen bloodworms... eeeeeew! Your poor husband!

I once lost my purse. Went frantic for a whole day, calling places I'd been the day before, made a trip to work on my day off, started cancelling credit cards in the afternoon, got a crime reference number and everything... I found it in the fridge that night as I went to start tea O_o

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One time I left horse vaccines in the fridge... and then subsequently stuck it in my lunchbox for the next day because it was in a ziplock and my tired brain thought it was leftovers. Come to find out as I'm popping open my lunchbox I have a nice healthy meal of streptococcus equi.

I went all the way to walmart yesterday for sunglasses. Bought shoes, and fish stuff I didn't need. Drove home and stepped out of my car and went "Man I need sunglasses" then had that slow realization moment.

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Yes very nearly extremely ew.

Mm chilled purse and yummy vaccines ^^

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Due to photobuckets bs cost for use of images on forums I have deleted all photobucket accounts. I apologize if you enjoyed or found my old photos helpful.
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I've been going to sleep way too late these last few nights!
Last night I grabbed a bottle of water and headed to bed. I brought the water with me to drink, but in my tired haze I used it to attempt to fill the cat's water bowl - the bowl that I had filled a few hours earlier and still had plenty of water. The bowl overflowed and made a huge mess that was not fun to clean up! I have no idea what I was thinking. It was 3 am and I was exhausted.

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I don't do anything fun when I'm about to crash out. I just go into "3 second memory mode" AKA the "Dude...what?" mode. Anyone talking to me when I'm tired is just going to get me looking at them like they just spoke to me in French.

Now me waking up too early...that's when I'm amusing to people. Apparently I sort of sleepwalk. In a weird "conscious but not conscious" way. The last time I did it, my mom knocked on my door, I somehow managed to get up and open the door. She tells me it's time to get up, and I reply with something like "No, mom, I gotta go get the red corals" in a total slur, then I closed the door and got back into bed. I only remember dreaming about coral. Nothing about getting up and talking to her lol.

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My big one is being too tired to remember to rinse the body wash from my armpits before I exit the shower... that's a bad one for me...

The other day I drove ALL THE WAY TO WORK, got there, turned off my car, and went, "OH MY GOD I FORGOT MY KEYS AT HOME!!!"

Now. This is TECHNICALLY possible, as I have a push button start. But. the car won't start unless the keys are INSIDE the vehicle. Wont even start if its an inch outside the window. And it SCREAMS OBNOXIOUSLY at you if you take the keys OUT of the car...

So. I would have known LONG before getting to work if I had left them there. But. I still had the OMG I left my keys at home! moment while holding my keys.
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This morning I shaved one leg but not the other.

lol Finn i'll do that sometimes at work, i'll be leaving at night like "OH GOD I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE STORE. wait."
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I grabbed the wrong car keys and couldn't figure out why my yaris wouldn't unlock
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Had an extreme fail this morning.

I just came home from a trip to Busch Gardens with my family and a couple of family friends (I have no idea how those kids handle those rides, they're all terrifying), and I was super tired. I crashed and went to sleep, but I was still dizzy and quite out of it when I got up the next morning.
I figured first thing I'd do was do a 50% on the fish tank, and I plunged the gravel vacuum in the tank and started the flow. All was going well until half the water was down and I felt something wet at my feet.
I looked down and saw a big puddle of water washing over my toes. For a second all I did was stare at it and I thought, "hmm. I wonder where this water came from."
And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the pipe of the gravel vacuum sitting on the floor, happily bubbling water out of its spout. And then I went
"Oh my god. OH."
In my half-asleep daze I'd forgotten to put the tip inside the bucket, and it was now spewing water all over my floor. Immediately I removed the vacuum to stop the flow (making like 20 more gallons of water shoot out of the spout) and then my brain started working.

I had 5 gallons of fish water poured onto my floor.


So yeah, it was fine after I used up six towels to wipe up the mess and used sixty disinfecting wipes to clean the floor. And it turned out that I forgot to unplug the heater as well when I used the vacuum too, so there's another insult to injury.

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