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Anybody on here good with gardens? (Or is there a thread for this already that I missed?)

I think I murdered some of my plants by accident :/
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outdoor gardens or a planted tank? If it is outdoor I might be able to help, seeing as I have close to 60 plants in my bedroom XD, If it a planted tank then sorry I have planted tanks but I don't do anything with them just let them and my bettas be.
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I just have garden spots outside. My room is too small and does not get enough sun, unfortunately :/ though my Lucky Bamboo has been growing for years!

I did not cut my mums back in the late fall and was wondering if anybody knew if I would help them grow since I messed up. This is the first year doing a garden on my own. I couldn't find anything on Google that could tell me if the plant would come back.

In other plant news, my crocuses and sedum came back! Bad news, looks like there are no signs of my begonia patch, (unless I am too early to be concerned).

I just want me bees to be happy once they wake up!
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For the mums they might be fine having not been cut back. My family has had mums quite a few times. they smaller ones we didn't cut back and they grew back healthy the next year. In the house I am in now we bought it about a year ago and it had a medium-large mum bush in the front flower be. We bought the house in mid winter though and it wasn't cut back at all because we were too busy moving and the winter was very bad her in toledo. It grew back in th summer to be the biggest mum bush I had ever seen. So I don't think you should have to muh of a worry with the mums. If new leaves don't form on the old branches and you see new shoots coming from the earth then you could probably just cut off the dead branches and it would be fine. As for your begonias those are annuals and will not come back year after year. If they produced seeds then those seeds may sprout, but the ones you planted last year will not return.
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I have successfully failed 4 garden attempts every year for the past 4 years. Tons of stupid mistakes, could have been avoided with more research, but I feel like I miss something every time. Eventually I will get it right.

Year 1: Tried to start a bunch of seeds in one of those peat pot starters. I left them all outside in Florida and they just molded, except for 2 jalepano plants. I potted them and got a single jalepaneo that I was too afraid to pick and it rotted on the plant. -_-

Year 2: Successfully used the peat pot starter. Potted the best of all th seedlings. When I moved to my apartment they went on the back porch. Not enough light, and then my cat turned them all into litter boxes -_-

Year 3: I moved to Texas. My step dad took his tractor out and plowed me a ridiculously large plot of land. My mom got seeds from the farmer's market and we planted that whole freaking thing. Everything came up, including the weeds. I would spend 6 hours a day out there pulling weeds and still not get them all. I also discovered that bull nettle hurts bad, and why you never feed weeds to livestock. (stupid stupid stupid mistake) In the end, everything died except the cucumbers. We had so many cucumbers. My mom made and sold jars of pickles for months.

Year 4: I made a raised garden bed at my new house based on some pinterest plans. (which always end up failing me). It was so small, and I did not even think about the size of what I was planting. Soooo the cucumbers and fire ants took over the whole thing. You couldn't pick the cucumbers without getting stung by ants. -_-

So I guess I can grow cucumbers. lol. Idk if I will get to try it again this year. I'm not sure if we will have the extra money after fixing all the floors and painting up the walls in our new house.

Needless to say, I was so delighted when I figured out my thumb turns green when I put it underwater ;)

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I've been a gardener for a few years. I'm not expert, but I can give you some simple tips.

The first thing is to plant native plants. Try non-flowering and flowering plants. It's a great way to get the bees and butterflies to your garden :) Another tip is if you'd like to garden for food, plant foods easy to grow. Try green beans, carrots, beets, lettuce, tomato. In my experience these are the plants that only require weeding. I've never had a prune a tomato plant, either. The garden I grow is one where I have to pull everything up at the end of the season, then it gets tilled by someone else and I get to go back to it next year.
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If you like radishes, they're easy to start from seed. You can get the seeds at Dollar General, Walmart, almost any hardware store, etc, and plant according to the instructions on the package. If you don't want to bother to thin them, and you've got enough room, just plant them farther apart than recommended. They can take a frost. In MA, unless you are up in the hills, you should be able to plant some now or very soon. Summer squash will have to wait until warmer weather, but easy to start from seed. They like lots of sun. Get the bush type for easier management. Ditto for cucumbers, zucchinis.

Peppers, tomatoes, I would recommend you buy as well-started plants, and don't plant them until the ground is warm. Tomatoes can be buried deep -- strip off any leaves that would touch the soil first. These are sun-loving plants.

If you've got ample room, pumpkins are fun and not super fussy. They like to be planted in warm soil with lots of compost in a spot that gets sun most of the day. You can plant the seeds directly in the garden, but I've had the best luck starting them in a container in an indoor sunny window up to a week before planting out. Use something like the plastic container strawberries come in the supermarket, poke extra holes in the bottom, some good potting soil, and viola!

With anything you start indoors or buy as a plant, harden them off before you plant them in the garden -- that is, leave them out for increasing lenths of time every day so they can get used to the sun and wind without getting scalded. For instance, start with a place they will get evening and/or morning sun for the first few days, then gradually move them into the environment they will be in.

Begonias... unlikely to come back unless you lifted the bulbs and stored them in a frost-free place. They are pretty sensitive to the cold.

You would still have time to start your own marigolds and zinnias (both easy, lots of varieties available online or in catalogs) celosias (tiny seeds, but pretty easy) petunias (tiny seeds, some easier than others).

What kinds of plants are you interested in? What kind of space do you have? Full/part/no sun? Do you have an indoor sunny window to start things in?
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