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Hello! Brand new pet owner & betta keeper with many concerns. Plase advice, ty!

First of all...Happy New Year! :) I hope everyone's off to a great start. Sorry for the long intro post, but I do have a little story to tell, if you don't mind. I'm really concern with my pet, and any help would be thankful. 8'D

((((((((((If you don't want to read, can you please look at the pics to look at my fish's health. I've received him in this condition from a friend as a gift, and I have no prior experience as betta keeper. I'm a first time pet owner too. I'm planning shop in-store necessary products for him starting tomorrow since it's living in only a .5 gallon tank(part of gift)))))))))))

I've just received a small/young male elephant ear betta fish as a late gift from a friend a few days ago. I was so shocked because I have no prior pet experience of any sort nor have I thought of taking of a pet in my current state (full-time student with 30+ hours of homework every week plus freelance).

It was super kind of my friend to do this for me because I always wished to be a pet owner. It didn't matter what pet, I just want to cherish one. My friend is a dog owner but thought that a betta fish would be acceptable for my parents(they don't like pets orz), and that it would be 'easy' enough for me to raise. I believe she bought a .5 gallon tank, pellets, and a water conditioner. At first I really didn't know what do with him. I thought about giving it away, but after examining it closely, he didn't look healthy at all. That made me change my decision because I want him to grow and live properly. I felt like it's my responsibility to raise it to the best of my abilities. Plus, he's very beautiful.

So far I've fed it everyday and cleaned the water once, but I've just started to do my research today. I'm so horrified with all the bad conditions it's in, especially that he's an elephant ear. From what I've read, it's the new bad big fin trend(?). I took some pics of him before I realized that plastic plants are terrible for him(I took it out). That's why his fins are getting shredding/cut/damaged...I'm so sorry my betta boy OTL

I will be doing my shopping starting tomorrow. It seems that it's essential to have a (at least) 2 gallon tank. I think I can fit a 5-gallon tank at my place if that's the best for him. Do you guys think an acrylic or glass would be better? Then I would need a filter and heater(it's so cold here...I'm so sorry for hurting him). Would you guys recommend some heaters and filters? The recommended ones I found from this forum are unavailable in many places I checked. Plants would be a nice touch. What particular ones do you recommend?

If there's anymore super essential items I've missed, please help out. I will buy them in stores asap while the rest of the items I'll buy them online. I just really hope it doesn't die soon. OTL

It doesn't help that I've never raised another living being. ><; Thank you for your time! This community looks wonderful!
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