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Originally Posted by callistra View Post
First off, I highly doubt you're going to get a thread stickied that is so unobjective.. saying things like people should stop bringing home sick pet store bettas (most are sick due to poor conditions they're kept in and they do NOT all have this condition like you seem to want to imply).

Calling people names like foolish..

Telling people to kill all their sick fish is just.. really? Don't answer that. It was rhetorical.

Second, it is treatable. It's very very hard to treat and sorry you have not had any luck but there are successful cases.

All I'll say in the matter but I really hope people read this thread objectively and not buy into the mass hysteria it seems aimed at creating.
And you know MORE than the research pathologists that work on this disease?? Read the research papers attached to my article in bettasource. I is NOT ME but THEM that say there is no cure. It is what people that are researching the disease tell fish FARMS to do. Don't you think if there WAS a cure they would not tell people whos income depends on fish to KILL EVERYTHING? Where are your credentials or sources that say it IS curable? And they had better be scientist. I discussed AT LENGTH with Dr Whipps the misinformation on the web. You can take to warning and be careful.. or you can just live with the stuff.

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