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Originally Posted by DiesesMadchen View Post
The thing is, I take EXCELLENT care of my tanks. Most people with instances of fish TB are having cycling issues, or water quality issues, or don't take care of their tank. Yes, all fish have some form of Mycobacterium. Well taken care of fish don't get over run by it. Its like saying beware!! Women have yeast! Be careful who you touch! Yes, all women have yeast, but its only the ones with the nasty hoo-has that need to worry about infection. Just like fish kept in nasty tanks.
It is not a care issue. There is an unusual strain finding it's way into the betta hobby. Fish can carry and shed it for months. And my fish receive excellent care. I allowed ONE sick fish in the fish room and did not take proper steps and lost years of work. And I can tell you other breeders have taken excellent care of their fish. This is NOT a water quality issue causing a disease that can be cured. You going to tell the Z-fish research facility that they have care issues? I think not. But they get this. You get it by not taking precautions to keep it out. And they are pretty sever on how they handle getting rid of it.

This is a heads up. If you have something you can not get rid of you have to face this issue. And you have to get the right kind of stuff to kill it on your tanks and everything else. And fish can not be cured. I was told by more than one expert to destroy everything and start fresh. This is what you read and what you do when nothing else is working. And you can be proactive about prevention.. or not.

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