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Originally Posted by twolovers101 View Post
A thought just occurred to me

What you're saying is that 70% of all farm fish (like for major petstores) carry some strain of mycos.

Also, per Olympia, fish in the wild also carry some sort of strain of mycos and it can even be found in the soil.

What you just said here mentioned a PATHOGENIC strain. So say, out of those 70% of fish that carry mycos, how many documented major wipe-outs like the one that happened to you have happened?

And if it's as small a number as it seems to be (seeing as most people don't ever have an issue with this disease) is it possible that only the people who handle large numbers of fish see the pathogenic strain? and if so, and if only 1 fish caused this and the ONE fish happened to have this particular pathogenic strain, then is it possible that a MUCH LOWER percent of fish actually have the disease that is causing the panic that we are seeing?
It is this pathogenic strain that is starting to show up in large numbers. You have to do a lot of searching as it is not the common strains. And it is deadly. I saw it locally in 6 pet shops.. in their bettas. And all get from one supplier. I think there is a serious exposure issue there. So recommend using real care, at this point in time, when buying from the major chains. I'm sure my fish had other mycos present. But the one causing the deaths and all the other crazy and varied sypmtoms was this triplex.

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