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Originally Posted by Basement Bettas View Post
I agree with you 100% But exposure to this strain will take a fish down., Happy and healthy will not make the fish able to resist this. There is no immunity once this enters the fish. It will weaken the fish and eventually kill it. My fish were in perfect health until exposed to this. And I dare say others I know who have dealt with this also have perfectly healthy systems until exposed. Sure.. take care of your tanks. But make sure you are not exposed too. I had UV and that just slowed the progression. I put perfectly happy and healthy fish back in my barracks and fish once again showed symptoms. It had not been eradicated properly from the system itself. did not even need a sick fish this time. I'm sure exposing you to something like the plague will quickly make even you not feel too good. Depends on what you are exposed to.

Well bringing up the plague is a nice direction to turn. Really gets on the rarity of certain diseases. There have been maybe 5 documented cases a year of infections caused by Yersinia pestis, so yeah, anyone in contact with the plague is going to feel kind of cruddy. Nobody has immunity to it. But when you are talking about Myco, a bacteria that every fish has, even the harsher strains are granted some immunity from it, as the fish is used to having it.

Oh and just in case you didn't know

**Yersinia Pestis = Bubonic Plague/Black Death

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