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Originally Posted by twolovers101 View Post
You are correct, I shouldn't have used the term "only" maybe "mostly" or "the majority of people who see this type of disease are those who handle large numbers of fish" would have been more appropriate xD

Also, I have seen it happen to a person with only one fish before, so it is possible, what I'm saying is maybe the percentages of this particular deadly pathogenic strain are actually lower than what people think
I hope so. And it does make sense... But I think we also often don't hear about the cases of people who only owned one Betta, because anyone can go out and buy one, stick it in a tiny unheated tank and not think anything about it when the fish dies... Maybe it could be a reason people seen to have "bad luck" with bettas (besides that they are uneducated on proper care). Many people think that disinfecting with hot water actually works, and can't understand why every new fish they get dies...

I just find it hard to believe than anyone has that kind of info about the Betta population as a whole because anyone can go out and buy one. I could have got one on my own when I was 5 if I had $10.

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