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And now my (betta) life story...

There's not much to say about myself. I'm a person who wants to work pet and plant care into my life permanently. I also draw, play video games, depend on music, and watch cartoons. Not anything unique, really.

So I'm going full on story-mode. Again. And it might be a little depressing/vent talk still, but I want to write this somewhere because I never really got to talk about it in detail.

I've been stalking these forums since last year, when my first set of bettas were pushed on to me. They were both bought by a parent who knew absolutely everything important there is to know about bettas. Y'know, like they only need this small divided tank because it says it's meant for bettas and these betta-specific flakes will help them thrive!!! Also, it's the perfect pet for my 4 year old son.

Oh boy. Even if I hadn't had any experience what-so-ever at the time, I managed to look up information in a second and find out that this was a severely unprepared choice.

My step-dad bought one at first. A black and blue veil tail. Very common finnage and color, but he was absolutely regal in demeanor and gorgeous... Well, in my eyes, but I suppose it helps that he reminded me of something which I obsess over./// I was smitten. After a couple of days, my step-dad buys another. This time, a reddish VT... He passed so quickly that I don't remember how he looks like. I don't remember the name my baby brother gave him either... Compared to the blue one, this little guy wouldn't stop trying to run from everything. He was stressed and scared for every second of his life. It crushed me. I didn't know what to do and there wasn't much I could do because that wasn't my fish. I had no job, no money. I was still out of school, too nervous for college and trying to cope with depression. The person that did have the money was the kind of person to not listen to some idiot kid's advice.

They survived the next couple of weeks until we moved out of that house. I was so afraid of transferring these fish by car, afraid of stressing them out to death. Unfortunately, by the time I got a hand-me-down 1 gal tank to at least separate the boys, the red one passed on not too long after. I felt awful. I hadn't had the chance to bond with this fish. I only knew him as he was sick and suffering. I ended up burying him in the arid backyard of our temporary home. I said my apologies to him. I really wish I got to knew a healthy him.

As I was doing more research, now at least having a little more space of his own, Cinna did pretty well with what I had. That meant I needed to do a lot of changes, but getting into the habit was good for me. Suffering from stress and depression, somehow seeing this fish and having someone else to care for gave me more reasons to push on. Even if I didn't have my own income, I instead tried to ask my blood dad for help purchasing necessary things... But I didn't want to "depend on father", so I looked to get relatively cheaper things... (If you couldn't figure, my relationship with my family is complicated and not the best sometimes;) Either way, I tried to spoil Cinna. The more his personality was revealed to me, the more I loved him. The way he'd come up to the front to greet me when I came in through the door so routinely. He'd always flare at my finger too, so play/exercise time was fun. My only problems were finding the appropriate fake plants and other places for him to hide... to fit in such a small "tank".

Winter was coming around and I feared for Cinna because of the low temperatures that could happen. (Joke's on me though, Winter didn't happen at all in Vegas, ugh...!) My friend planned to send me her 2 gal hex tank and I hoped it'd come before then... but Cinna became sick and passed before it got here. He was getting into tail biting, but I also feel like the deco I could find was also tearing his tail. One's the ceramic log which I've seen people use and I actually did spend time trying to sand it down... but after I saw his tail damaged again, I got scared and took it out. I tried to treat him for his sudden depression too, with some AQ, but the next morning I found him dead.

Because I felt more attached to Cinna, I looked into burying him in a pot... Today, he lives on as Cinna the African Violet. I wouldn't get another fish until some time into the new year, when we moved into our permanent home. Kind of an impulse buy because I fell in love with his red/blue coloring. It gave him a very pretty violet mix... Purple's my favorite color and plus his crowntail fins vaguely reminded me of something. (There's a pattern here, maybe)
As thanks to Nicki Minaj for making me realize how cool it might sound, I named him "Anaconda". Since I already wrote about his death, I wanna take a moment to write positive things about him.

Andy would live on for about 4 months and within that time, I learned how differently he acted in comparison to Cinna. Andy was very jittery, not in the way I found concerning, but like a hyper-active child. It didn't help that he appeared to be a fairly small betta. So much for his namesake! Even females looked bigger than him. Or it was my imagination... Anyway, he never liked to flare, only chase. He'd follow my finger around once he associated me with food, but backup the minute I brought it close to his face. Cute. I would also try to get him to flare with a mirror, but he preferred to swim away than show off. I absolutely loved when I'd come home because he'd swim right up and sometimes do these spins... It was so easy to see the charm behind these fish...

I'm thankful, even if it was super bad timing, that I got a chance to meet Cinna. I'm thankful for meeting Andy too. I wish I did better by them and I wish I gave them the best homes they deserved. The users that did leave their condolences on my first thread were so nice, but I know I could've done a lot better for Andy. I think I'll make a memorial thread when I find the time to also do a drawing.

I absolutely love fish, I love them as food, I love them as living creatures doing their own thing, but ironically I'm afraid of the ocean and deep waters, haha. It's strange to me that I hadn't thought about owning a betta before. I realized only now how perfect they are for me. (Although... Now that I've involved myself with this hobby, I've looked at other fish like goldies and I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CARE FOR THEM ALL SOMEDAY!!) My family had actually owned fish long ago. I remember staring into this large hexagon tank filled with an assortment of fish when I was really young. My favorite was this scruffy-looking pleco fellow. My aunt had cared for bettas as well... but I don't trust her knowledge because it since rusted. On the day of Andy's death, she told me my room must have been too hot for him and that's why he died. Tank water that constantly stays around 78~80 F is apparently too hot. And having a small tank is okay for them and she knows best because hers lived for a long time. I'm not sure how she managed. Maybe she's mixing her info up.


I've been completely bitten by the betta bug.

☆゚+.Call me reen or ren*。♪♫
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Aaah, I'm kinda upset because I can't find any pictures of Cinna... but I sure I had something...

But here's Andy.

And the one time I got him to flare.

I wish my phone pictures weren't so bad, but I haven't gotten a smartphone yet. I miss him so much ugghhh...;;

☆゚+.Call me reen or ren*。♪♫
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