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Last weekend my fiancé got me a Betta. He was at the pet store and felt bad for the little guys and asked the lady about them and decided to get me one for a surprise. He asked the lady which Betta has been here the longest, so he could get him into a nicer home. I named him Parkey!!! I got his tank ready and got him into it the next morning. I really want to make sure he has a good environment and learn as much as I can about them, as I am already trying! I had a Betta when I was a child that my dad and I took care of that was beautiful, but I would like to learn more and possibly make taking care of this little guy a hobby. He seems to be fine in his tank now, but I would appreciate some tips and guidance about Betta’s in general. I think Parkey is a male, but I would appreciate help deciphering that as well. From what I read and my Betta fish as a child, I understand these fish usually will live alone, especially males, but would love to know if they can have any other form of company like another species of fish or the possibilities of two females living together? I was wondering about plants and also making sure my water was adequate in his tank. They had us buy a Betta heater, and a filter came with the semi-small tank. Wondering what temperature is good. what 3 gallons) I used the top fin water clarifying drops but the directions sure seemed like it needed a lot! It said 24 drops per gallon. Sorry for the long post but any tips and help appreciated !
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Hi! Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your gorgeous boy.

Do you mean Top Fin Water Clarifier, or Top Fin Water Conditioner? If you are just using a clarifier and not a conditioner, and you are using tap water for your tanks water, you need to go out ASAP, like now, and get a water conditioner to remove the chlorine from the water. If you don't it can poison the fish.

Back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Since you are doing a fish in cycle I'd recommend you use Seachem Prime for your water conditioner. Prime binds with ammonia and nitrite and will make them safe for fish for 24 to 48 hours. After that it releases them back into the water so do NOT skip on water changes.

Rather then a betta heater, unless it is a preset one, I recommend you get either an adjustable heater (best) or a preset one. The betta heaters generally stay on all the time and rely on the volume of water and temperature of the room to determine how warm the water gets. Hydor Theo 25 watt is an adjustable heater that is pretty reliable and it will fit in your tank.

Betta are tropical fish so aim to keep his tank 78 to 81 degrees.

They love plants live are best, silk are good, make sure any plastic plants you get are soft so that they do not snag his fins. If you want an easy to care for live plant try and anubia, they are very hardy and forgiving.

Yes, your betta is a male, but I'm not sure about his tale type. He'll happily live alone. If you want tank mates for him you'll need to get him a bigger tank, at most in a 3 gallon I'd only get a snail and then only once the tank is cycled. As far as females go, it's tricky to keep them together and while it may work it has a high failure rate. To keep a sorority you'd need at minimum a 10 gal, densely planted, tank and 5 females.

Keep an eye on that filter, if it looks like your boy is stressed, and staying on one side of the tank away from the filter, the filter may be too strong for him and you'll have to baffle it to slow down the water flow.
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Thank you so much for your feedback! My mistake! I was at school when I was initially typing my first post, and it is Top Fin Betta Water Conditioner. The directions said 48 drops for each gallon actually, and I did set that all up the night before. I then transferred him after getting him used to the water, and seemed to go great. I am a little upset because today when I got home, the water looked a little cloudy. How often should I change the water, and how much water each time should I take out to replace? He has been hanging out in that corner as you can see in that picture. I thought maybe because he was not used to the current? I do catch him swimming around and in the little house he has to hide in though too. My filter also was buzzing loud last night, I took it out and messed with it and it sounds alright now. How could I go about messing with it to slow down the flow? I noticed maybe what is called a "bubble nest"! My dad also has a 10 gallon take at home, the one I was gifted and am using now is 2.5 gallons. But also considering making his home much bigger once I can learn enough to do so correctly. Totally new to all of this, but from what I further read online it means he is happy. All the help is appreciated! Thanks again! Hopefully you can see the new photos I just attached of what is currently going on.
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Oh good! I'm so glad that it's the conditioner you have. 14 drops per gal is what the directions on their website says so I'd have to use 42 drops for my 3 gal tank. That's crazy! I only use 2 drops per gallon of the Seachem Prime, I've had the same bottle of it for about a year now and that's with 4 tanks.

Given where your filter is and where he's hanging out, it might be the filter. First thing I'd do since it's a TopFin is checked to see if the flow is adjustable, I know the TopFins for larger tanks are, but I'm not sure about the smaller ones. If it is it'll have a little piece on top of the intake tubes that you can twist. If it's not then making a baffle is very easy. Since I'm a bit to tired to explain I'll let this guy on YouTube do it for me LOL, he demonstrates how to make a baffle out of a plastic water bottle.

The cloudy water could be from a number of things, but it should clear up relatively quickly. New gravel and new filter medium not being rinsed really well, and as the tank ages a bacterial bloom (harmless), can all cause it.

Since your tank is not cycled, and is only 3 gallons, I'd do 50% water changes every 3 days. Make sure to vacuum the gravel when you do the changes. You can use an airline hose as a vacuum, just shove it down into the gravel and keep moving it to a new spot. Once your tank is cycled you can switch to doing 25 to 50% (I usually do 50% on my 3 gal) once a week. Here's a link on how to do a fish in cycle https://www.bettafish.com/30-betta-f...-tutorial.html

I'd get him a couple more plants, it'll help him feel a bit more secure and the added bonus is that they actually hide less when they feel safe.

Here's a picture of the 3 gallon I have Lagniappe in, all the plants are artificial since I was not planning on getting him and don't have any spare live plants right now. He's already started coming out of hiding when he sees that I'm in the room.
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Thanks again! I appreciate the video and picture. I am going to go ahead and work on his water and filter today. I will look into the plants as well when I grab some cleaning supplies. I

I know you mentioned my tank not being cycle, what did you mean by that? Does this concern the water condition? Also, the shape of my tank now is like a hexagon, and I am starting to wonder if he can see his reflection in the corners or somehow because at times it looks like hes banging into the glass, or angry? I do not know. But if I can get this water and tank looking better, I will possibly move him to that 10 gallon tank that my dad has.

Also regarding his tale type, is his just difficult to say what it is at this point? or in general maybe looking a mix between too. I started reading about all of that as well after you mentioned it. Really interesting and wondering if this makes them different species or simply just each one being unique? Running to my pet store now!!! Thanks so much!!!
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He could be a Halfmoon (HM), Over Halfmoon (OHM) or a Delta (DeT). Unless a Betta is at full flare it is difficult to distinguish the fine points which separate the three.

A Halfmoon has a perfect D-shape from anal fin to dorsal. Caudal has a 180 degree spread.

Over Halfmoon is just that...an exaggerated HM with more than a 180 degree spread.

The caudal of the Delta and Super Delta do not reach 180 degrees.

Here is the Forum's tutorial on fish-in cycling. A cycled tank means there is nitrifying bacteria established which keeps the aquarium water safe for the fish.

Take lots of photos of Parkey! He looks to be a marble or have the marble gene and what he is today may not be what he is next month.
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Thanks for that information! I totally see what you are saying after the last two pictures I took, very different. And I can already tell a big difference in him from when I got him in the little cup. He looked almost grey-ish or more white with few spots of color. Thank You for the cycling information as well!
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