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Originally Posted by Pitluvs View Post
My single male dwarf is in a 29g community with large swordtails and he's quite territorial with them lol We don't have females here so I settled for just him. He was the last in the store (none new since) and his buddy was dead :( My guy is VERY nervous though, I really don't think he likes being alone species wise.
My Dwarf Gourami kept picking on the Balloon Molly the first day, but they're fine now. He's also fine with the Rummynose Tetras and Pygmy Cories, guess he's more docile, he doesn't glass surf as much when he was in the Edge, so that's a relief. And yeah, I couldn't find any females here either or I would've gotten him a female friend. D;
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Hey look what a major bump, I'm hoping this is allowed not sure. Don't kill me. Last update was roughly three months ago, uh, my tanks haven't changed that much, just some moving different fish into different tanks and adding more plants, etc. If you see a Rilakkuma in the reflection ignore it, that's just my phone case. I didn't want to show the images because they're kinda big, and people with bandwidth limits might hate me. So just click the links to see the pictures, 100% safe.

Fluval Spec 2g; there's just about 10 Cherry Shrimps in there, they're not active when it's light but at night you can see them swimming around and all that jazz, wish they liked the light more. Java Fern, marimo moss balls, and water wisteria are the plants.


2.5g; this is a NPT, tiny Crypts and water wisteria as floating plants, the crypts grow really slow so that's nice. It houses my plakat boy, he likes to flare at his own reflection and build bubble nests all day.


6g; this was originally supposed to house a Dwarf Gourami or a Honey Gourami but I found it too small for one so I let my SD boy live in it, plants are java fern, java moss, anubias, and water wisteria, for some reason dark green sticky slimy algae keeps growing on the wisteria in this tank. . And only this tank, it kinda frustrates me having to clean it off whenever I see it which is often. It's probably the lighting, but oh well. ):


10g; it houses one dwarf gourami, four rummynose tetras, eight pygmy cories, and one balloon molly, eh its a bit overstocked, well probably really overstocked. It's a NPT, with a bunch of plants, there's two sword plants in the back, some hygrophilia, ludwigia, onion plants, anubias, moneywort and water wisteria are the floating plants. I actually picked up four pygmy cories today to make a shoal for them since some died off during my horrible NPT transformation, they didn't have any rummynose tetras though I'll check back next week.


I dose all my tanks daily with Flourish Excel and weekly with Flourish, eh to be honest I don't really do water changes in the 10g any more, the plants really do a good job with sucking up ammonia I test every week but now I'm really apathetic about it and I believe in the power of my plants, nothing has gone wrong over the course of three months so, everything is probably alright. I don't do much water changes in the 2.5g either seeing how it has a lot of water wisteria and crypts, maybe once a week with a small 25% change. The 2g gets like once a month water change since it's just shrimps, the 6g gets a weekly 50%. But yeah most of the time I just refill water because it evaporated.

And taadaa~ I'm back now.
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All of your tanks look absolutely bloody gorgeous and I am so very envious. :)

The slimy green stuff is almost certainly cyanobacteria. Lighting can cause that. So can phosphates and excess nutrients.

EDIT: You don't need to test for ammonia in the 10g so much as you should test for nitrates. Even with an NPT the nitrate level does creep up.
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Yes, you want to do large water changes weekly, even though there isn't ammonia there can still be buildup of urea, hormones, proteins, salts and other metabolites. As well as other nutrients from left over, causing algae blooms and nasty.

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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